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please,, i need help in these questions




Choose the word or phrase which is nearest in meaning….. 

1- abalanced diet should include fish, fowl, and red meat.

(a) vegetables                                (b) milk

(c) birds                                         (d) fruit

2- he looked rustic in those big boots.

(a) happy                                       (b) difficult

(c) smart                                        (d) simple

3-private homes will not be searched without a warrant.

(a) written authorization                   (b) slight payment

(c) special guard                             (d) emergency patrol

4-a vendor must have alicense.

(a) a car driver                             (b) anyone who sells food

(c) any one who works in ahospital      (d) emergency patro;

5- the woman in the painting has a pensive mood.

(a) depressed                           (b) thoughtful

(c) confusing                            (d) sad

6- he felt sluggish in the heart of the day.

(a) not active                          (b) careful

(c) injured                               (d) nervous

06:41 PM Dec 07 2007 |

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Czech Republic


06:48 PM Dec 07 2007 |




thnx alot leenaa

i appreciate your help :-)

09:51 AM Dec 08 2007 |