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What do you know about the "Health"?



Hello!! My name is Alla. I'm from Ukraine. I'm a student and I will be a philologist. I'm writing my diploma, so I'd like to ask native speakers about the "health". I mean in what cases this word is usualy used, what is the main/additional meaning of this word? Are there any idioms, phraseoogical units with this word? 
I'm interested in any information about the usage of the word "health" in English language. 
And also it will be interesting for me to know what is the health for you?Smile  If you want you can write me on e-mail: 

03:49 PM Dec 08 2007 |

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United Arab Emirates

heeeeeeeeeey Alla Laughing

i wanted to help you with that but i am not a native speaker..

"health" heal =) to get well or to treat but i don't know why "th"

the health for Me Unknown

every person must be aware about his or her health. for example, many old people are more healthier than some young. why do you think that.!! there are many reason for that. firstly,  the healthy food. we notice these days that there are many restaurants appeared like,Kentucky, MacDonald and hardez. i mean " fast food" it's not healthy food. many people love it espcially children and youngs they started to addicted on it and that will just have a bad effect in their health. the second reson is the exercises. it's important at least to do it 30 min every day << you even don't think about it girl Embarassed i just love to dance lol!

for instance, my father weak up every day at morning before he gona to his job doing exercises while i was sleeping in that time loool << actually i am thinking to change my  habit !!

what else, also eat before you got to sleep it's a bad thing to do< < that's what i am doing i can't sleep if i was hungry. but my mom told me that the best way to eat your dinner before 4 or 3 hours from getting to sleep!! coz when you eat and sleep direactly the food will not digest  easly. oppsite it will backlog the grease& suet and that will lend to obesity.!

i hope that will help you Alla ^^

04:47 PM Dec 08 2007 |




Health is thing that needed when we lose. while healty is unimportant. while unhealty important.


06:39 PM Dec 08 2007 |