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Life Talk!

About Isreal.I guess we had better discuss the war.


zeus2006Super Member!


What is your opinion about this war?Is Isreal right or not?

In this modern century,war is acceptable or not?Is it important, Reason is whether water or relagion,petroil,more power,more more…. etc.

Why can't we live in a good friendship with eachother in this our good World?


09:08 PM Aug 04 2006 |

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from the star of this conflict israel is the party most at fault, this land was the land of the palestinians too, they live there for many centuries until england sold the lands they had occupied to the jews, they live together for some time but some jews became zionist that hate the arabs and some arabs started fighting back so now they are called terrorists, america and england are the biggest terrorists in this world and nobody is making war on them, stop the hipocresy and maybe we all can have peace, read noam chomsky "to stop terrorism you must stop sponsoring terrorism"

america has given many weapons to turkey which it uses to massacre kurdish people and armenians too

11:43 AM Dec 28 2006 |


United Kingdom

You are right Israel is becoming the synonym of war.Their is nothing that is related to Israel except war.

  The exact condition of countries like Palestine and Israel which are undergoing war thing are really bad.They are facing war as well as terrorism from a long period of time. And they also have to suffer the pressure over them from the world. I saw the situation and I am very much disappointed by the scene.

06:19 AM Jul 09 2009 |