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Can be the friendship between male and woman?




One man said that the relations or friendship between woman and man can be only as past or future lovers. From my own I think it's true on 85 percent. Do you have any opinon?

10:40 AM Dec 16 2007 |

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l've have liked your thought Shadow. Let me add my opinon to your last sentence. There isn't woman friedship, or even can't be! 

11:00 AM Dec 16 2007 |




I don't agree,I think there exist true friendship between famale and male.Although most of the time that kind of friendship cannot last for a long time,but that is a big treasure and worth to be remember for a life time.That's hard to find a good heterosexual friend,but that really exist,I believe

11:13 AM Dec 16 2007 |




of course it's possible. i've got one :) but i think it's rather rare occurence, 'cause people of differerent sexes have different interest, different life values, vies on life etc. also the one of the most important conditions is the total absence of a sexual attraction to each other. Sex is not the best friend to a friendship. there is one interesting thing… :) i have a girl who can be named my real friend. but sometimes looking at her behavour and the demonstration of her character I think that if she were my girlfriend or a wife, I might hated her. :)

05:43 PM Dec 16 2007 |



i think that lovers could not be friends

09:02 PM Dec 16 2007 |




AFAIK, there are girls who prefer to have a male best friend rather than female, i don't know why:)

I have a really good friend, and we've been such since i was 4, and she was a 2year-old toddler:)

And i'm also a great friend with a girl i used to love and who had turned me down completely when asked her out… Sometimes things in life turn so oddly and funnily!

05:31 PM Jan 19 2008 |



i  think there exsits the friendship between the man and woman.like me ,i have a very good female friend .when i was beaten by sth,she always comforts me and  encourage me never not give up.

08:01 AM Jan 20 2008 |




I agree with ANKUTZA . sometime I even like being a friendship with my lover .because when we broke up one day, we became stranger.

04:11 PM Jan 20 2008 |



I think that a friendship betwenn woman and man is possible only if one of them don't feel atraction to each other.

But probably some of them start to feel confused, and confuse friendship with love.

Sometimes this ends in a happy story, they discover that they feel love and start a relationship, or the friendship ends forever.

Once i feel in love with a friend, and then we discover that we like each other, and start a relationhip, nowadays he is my boyfriend and when we remember when we where friends we laugh a lot, because he always like me and vice versa

09:39 PM Jan 20 2008 |




It is SOOOO rare. It’s men’s fault cause they just can’t help it unless they’re gay or restricted by external factors like a strict company policy at work etc Male-female terms are so much based on sex. A colleague of mine once confessed he didn’t get along well with this new girl in the office cause she was ugly. Then he added that he had to be, at least a little bit, sexually attracted to a female co-worker in order to be in good rapport with her.
My male friends have always been either colleagues or common friends of mine and my boyfriend’s.

11:04 PM Jan 20 2008 |



why not….

05:41 PM Jan 21 2008 |