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Life Talk!

Sex OR sexuality...what is more dangerous...?



Friends,There are two ways to live life,one is to enjoy sexual life without giving much attention to it & 2nd is not to enjoy but to think contineously…doing nothing to enjoy physically but just go on thinking & thinking

We have opted for the 2nd always,we don't afford to be sexual & we hide it in our self,which comes out after torning all our curtains which we have used to covr them all… our religious sutructre makes us feel crimnal if we give alittle freedom to ourself.

But it allows us to think about sex contineously.. throgh our films,through advertisements,pronographics,sexual toys,internet,tv,news papers ,magazines…..everywhere sex remains the head…  our morality is responssible for whole of the prostitution.. just because of the fact to hide our feeling inside us …I feel it to call' sexuality'... I feel 2nd is more dangerous…? what all my friends feel….?

sex is sex you just enjoy it whenever you get chance…

& sexuality is ….don't enjoy it physically but go on thinking,imagining,dreaming while you are asleep or awakened,go on thinking & thinking but doing nothing to enjoy…it is sexuality…

01:30 AM Dec 22 2007 |

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But we prefer sexuality than sex …why…?

02:07 AM Dec 25 2007 |



sorry my English is not good enough to understand the difference between sex n sexuality


could u explain in breif plz

11:22 AM Dec 25 2007 |




You can enjoy sex… that is sex

sexuality is don't enjoy sex but think,imagine,dream,repress the desire …whenever it comes… just go on imagining & doing nothing

01:53 AM Dec 27 2007 |



Thanks alot  the explaination

then my opinon is

sexuality is more dangerous

04:50 AM Dec 27 2007 |



Neigher sex nor sexuality is dangerous, both are the subject to use and misuse. Sex is the natural process in human as well as in all animals, but when we exceed the limit it becomes dangerous. Now we can say the same about the sexuality, we use sexuality as recreation but when it exceeds the limit it becomes dangerous..

05:15 AM Dec 27 2007 |



Dear Ismart,

what meaning you derive from sexuality…?Ifeel you didn't understand the meaning of word 'sexuality'

How do we use sexuality as recreation…?

05:28 PM Dec 27 2007 |




Why do we use woman as a sex symbol,because everyone desire so… is it not sexuality…is it not disguasting… is it not dangerous…is it not a disrespect to womanhood.

02:42 AM Jan 04 2008 |




I'm too young to enjoy sex , and I have to cofess that sometimes I just can't stop thinking about of this, though it makes me ashamed.

05:34 AM Jan 04 2008 |



My dear Nagpal, sex is a basic desire of all human beings because humans are nothing but animals. At least if we start like behaving like animals in a true sense, I mean we stop building properties and bank accounts!

08:04 AM Jan 04 2008 |



 Dear Dhumya,

I feel that  we are not natural  We contineously think about sex but we don't have system to live it… in the same way we are religious in discussions but practical life is irreligious… we contineously think…. talk about religion… but our life is hell ..& we condemn the creator … he is mad …why he had given us desire to enjoy sex…

03:08 AM Jan 05 2008 |