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Life Talk!

Woman is complete....




I feel woman is naturlly blessed with completeness,she had complete set of genes while man is short of one gene to get it paired & woman has been blessed with the system to reproduce… by that way she is naturally a creative… & she need not adopt different methods of art ,when she become mother she enjoys the beauty of a creativity.. that's why she has the capacity to close her eyes & be satisfied…but man remains hungry of it… man always remain crippled,inspite of all blessings he can't match the psyche of woman… creater had made him such …so nothing is possible ..it is the fate of man…..?

01:58 AM Jan 03 2008 |

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     Define COMPLETE...Right! Then why should a woman need to have someone to be with?...meaning, woman is only a half that needs another half to make her complete.

02:24 PM Jan 03 2008 |



nothing in this life is comeplete  (perfect)except God

Women needa men and vic versa and that is very clear when it comes to marriage

09:01 AM Jan 05 2008 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

your reply shadow ,was so nice and brvely based on life's true.

11:46 AM Jan 05 2008 |




i think that both of women and men need each other

12:26 PM Jan 05 2008 |



I totally disagree with you, devindernagpal, first of all of course there is nobody perfect and by sure nobody is complete other than our creator.

God created us so that the two genders need each other to complete each other, the god didn't create anything uselessly, there are many things in a woman that a man needs and vice versa.

12:27 PM Jan 05 2008 |




I feel that woman as compared to man, is passive in it's behaviour,man remains much active…woman lives in moments but man always thinking of ffaaaar behind or forward…but never at present… Woman is always calm & much satisfied..

Woman has the capacity to reproduce.. which is a greatest blessing to her.. while keeping the child inside womb…gives a lot of satisfaction. She always feel at home & man always looking for home…

05:56 PM Jan 05 2008 |



Hi Mr devindernaqpal,

Nice to be back here again…i do believe also that men and women are a master piece creation…but both are already complete physically and emotionally. We have been created differently..in some parts of our body for a purpose. Men are created for women..thats a fact…and women can bear child ..where in men can't..but we all know women can't bear child without the men…so its both from men and women..only it was the woman who conceive inside the body..thats the reason why some children are more closer to their mother than to their father.

Women have given a soft heart for a reason..so with the men for having a strong heart and muscles. both are created to match with each other to make it balance. 

09:24 PM Jan 05 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i think we shouldn't to decrease the importance of man's role or woman's role in the life..

but if we will go on to oppose our natural .. the woman will be the victim of injustice… and we should to fine a something that is support the disposition ….

10:37 PM Jan 05 2008 |



Dear Sweet10heart,

Welcome,you are perfectly right,physically it is so but I feel that woman has the capacity to tolerate man's aggressiveness,as earth has the capacity to bear all our unjustified actions… woman can suck man's aggressiveness & only then a real man take birth… I feel then man has the body of a male but qualities of a feamale.. only then he can realise the true nature & importance of heart & only then he gets the satisfaction.. I have realised that which I want to share with all my friends but unfortuately or forunately I am unable to express..

The man has to take rebirth within…which happens when the lust goes & love take place of lust.. & it can happen only with the coopration & blessing of woman to the man… 

NabilaSh,Humanity is loosing a lot by just making injustice to woman.. She should manage the whole life on the earth… only then we can hope to exist.. otherwise life seems to be very short…  

01:49 AM Jan 06 2008 |



No one is complete, everyone tries to complete him self, by making mistakes experiencing life, and making this kind of difference (man, women)is not a positive thing, why not to get out of this mania?.
by the way am a man.

11:20 AM Jan 06 2008 |