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man vs. woman




   are they equal?

11:35 PM Jan 03 2008 |

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the men and the women are totally equal…the difference that we see, juct come through the society and the education…

04:16 PM Jan 09 2008 |




I feel that woman & man are nor equal nor opposite,they are just together like hand & gloves.. Woman has the capacity to calm man,she absorbs the aggressiveness of man & she is more creative than man. the greatest potentiality given by the existence to reproduce.. she create life inside her womb.. no doubt it happens with share of man but man's role is very limited.. It's woman who really creates.. not just in human but in the whole of existence..

I feel both should move holding hands to gether rather than competing with each other.. Man's duty should be out of house hold work & woman's duty should be of only house hold work… I feel it's the best arrangement possible. 








04:56 PM Jan 09 2008 |



put away sort of the knowledge of gender difference or sth.  just put it this way.

as a NORMAL man, will you directly reject a woman who offers you e.g. to see a movie ,you know ,suppose you are not in love with her,but you do tend to like her,by saying i will not go out with you without any sense of it that might hurt her?    generally we will tell her sth  like 'ah, i'm sorry,i do have work or sth to do or whatever excuse you come up with. in such a way , with a sense of care, we decline her rather than upset a sensitive woman. whether she's sensitive or not, i will never mean to hurt her.

whereas, some women will reject directly a man they never dislike without thinking about it. they take it for granted that oh, men , it's not weird that we act like this,that's what we normally act like.  i know, some of men won't hurt by such ways ,we can do nothing but thinking about it to ourselves or comparing notes with our close friends with smile on our face and then let it blow over.  how could we lodge complaints of like 'you have the right to refuse, but how could you say like this?!' with the woman who treated us like that?  which more like gossip from old women.  we gentlemen just ummm being calm.Cool

i mean men and women are really way different.

05:19 PM Jan 09 2008 |



I think there is no difference between man and woman , of courese  except  the physiological feature .nowadays ,even better than man . more and more  "super women" emeraged prominently.  

08:04 AM Jan 10 2008 |




I just can’t agree more with Hakimi.
There is something so wrong with the way the issue’s posed here, though. It’s not a boxing match but a collaboration.
Men and women are equal in that they should have the same rights and opportunities or equally have a say in different matters.
But remember the saying “Behind every great man in history, there was a great woman”? They were neither equally great nor was one of them more or less great. They made it together and one wouldn’t have made it without the other.
The issue of comparing men and women is just as invalid as the comparison of the beauty of a black and a white woman, for example.You can say who the most beatiful black woman is or respectively white, but you can’t compare two women of different races. Or can you say what is better, food or water? You need them both to live!
Men and women have different roles to play and contribute to society in a different way. Neither of them is or should be superior. The bottom line is find the perfect balance and do it with mutual respect and support.

11:33 AM Jan 10 2008 |



mam and women are equal, they must work toguether to make an evolution to develop their society with equity respect …, the biological differences are not a reason it had no sens to discriminate some one just for this difference.

both of man and women must see each other as a partner.


12:32 PM Jan 10 2008 |




Exactly, Hakimi!
That’s my point. l completely agree with you. In fact I agree with you so much that I can’t agree (any) more (than that).

12:54 PM Jan 10 2008 |




Thanx. Happy New Year to you too.

08:33 PM Jan 10 2008 |



Is there a way of being a man or a woman? Sorry, but I'm just a human being! It has taken me long years to get rid of those misconceptions and limitations imposed on women, now I think I know my true identity, which lies in my soul, not in my body, and that boys… is what we all on this planet have in common. And no limits are imposed on that reality.  If you want to feell like a man or a woman, fine by me! But as long as that concept of your self doesn't limit your potential for growth.  I don't mean denying the evidence, but overcoming the limitations imposed by cultural conceptions. In Spain, every single day you have a new case of domestic violence on the news.  Every single day a woman is killed at the hands of her husband, ex-husband or ex-boyfriend.   Mostly because of those stereotypes imposed upon us since birth.

09:58 PM Jan 10 2008 |



Very controversial I say!

12:48 AM Jan 12 2008 |