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How about your hometown?




This is a very nice topic.Everybody loves theirs hometown and they are beautiful.I come from China’s capital Beijing.It’s a culturally and historically profound city and there is to host the 2008 Olympic Games.Welcome to China!

Would you like to tell us things about your hometown?

06:43 AM Jan 10 2008 |

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07:10 AM Jan 10 2008 |



Hello dear friends, I am from Uzbekistan! The capital is Tashkent. We have so many historical places like Bukhara and Samarkand!

if you want to see the photos of my country, there is a website www.desktop.uz There is a short information about a photo.  If you have ever been in Uzbekistan, you can send your photos to the site, let people see them :)

10:33 AM Jan 10 2008 |