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Do we love God?



Do we really love God? This question arises in my mind because I find that most of us trade with Him like God give me this or that as I 'm praying to you! I feel love should be for love's sake and not for our wishes being fulfilled!

03:31 PM Jan 10 2008 |

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Do we really love God…We just love the concept of God…How can we love God.. Are you sure that God exists… if he is… what is his form… where does he live.. have you experienced God… ? without experiencing how can we love God…?

Why do we pray him…we pray him to fulfill our demands… we try to use God as our servant.. we feel God sitting somewhere high in the skies.. all religions say that he is within you …but we don't search there… we search in churches,temples… musks… & we kill millions of creations of God( humans) in order to keep our temples.. musks… churches & talk about God…


04:22 PM Jan 10 2008 |



I think I love God … I don't know why or how is it  possible … you know it's the feeling that he is still with you everywhere … I dont care what is his form or where does he live …  the important for me is that I feel his existence and I belive my feelings 

04:34 PM Jan 10 2008 |



The bible is God's word. In the bible you learn about God. For example. The name of God is Jehovah. and your son is Jesus Christ. if you have the bible, look, psalms 83:18. Jehovah has a purpose for the earth or the people. read in your bible :
revelation 21:3,4

Jehovah us promise eternal life. but we have to learn about your will. jhon 17:3 . Learn more in the site
www.watchtower.org . This knowledge is your life.

06:18 PM Jan 10 2008 |



Dear Nagpal, God is with in ourselves and even outside. Everything you see is God manifested, and if you realize this ; no more killings;no temples or mosques are required.

12:20 AM Jan 11 2008 |



Dear Dhaumya,

How do you know that God is ourselves& even outside..? have you experienced …?

12:55 AM Jan 11 2008 |




I am mysteriously in love with God.I can say that the kind of feeling I have for Him is mysterious because it's something I can't explain.All I know, is that,He does exist.

Don't be bothered  to ask on how or where He can be found because you will never find a definite answer.Even the most genius man on earth can't explain very clearly His existence..

Just think that there are some reasons why you're here and believe that there must be someone who planned your every  purpose here on earth..Think that there must be a source of everything,and that source is Him.

03:45 AM Jan 11 2008 |



I also agree with God existence, I love God and I love everything for the God's sake.


07:15 AM Jan 11 2008 |



Dear Nagpal, it is like air you don't see it you can't catch it you just feel that it's exist the same is with God you just feel that he is exist . or your question what is god's form … I will give you question what form has universe… I don't know but I'm sure that universe exist …. 

08:47 AM Jan 11 2008 |



United Kingdom

to 00mephisto11.

for example, people are the proof of air existence. a part of the air is oxygen. we live thanks to oxygen. so, it isn't the same thing.

10:19 AM Jan 11 2008 |



that's right, but we have the evidence that God's son Jesus Christ existed, and we have an evidence that he did a lot of things that we can't explain for example he resurrected Lazar. I think that is demonstrate that God is real because no one can do this no one can resurrect anybody  except God. 

11:14 AM Jan 11 2008 |