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Life Talk!

Do you think that money is the most important thing in Life???




In my opinion , human's life is dependent upon many factors not only money….

And you what do you think ?????

01:54 PM Jan 11 2008 |

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As you see, this question about money has so many answers! So we can make a conclusion that it's really important in our life.

But you see that it is important but not the most important! Everyone know this. I think so.

So it depends on person who has this money. Only one answer.Smile

05:54 PM Feb 21 2009 |




money is not important but if we have to live in this world,so we need money always if we cant have enough money how we ll live?we cant sleep on the street:(for example i live in a house,i can buy my kitchen food eanough for 1 mounth,but it is not enough because i need much money for my surgical operation..than i must save money for 5 or 6 years too..for our life is important things,first for me-good work,enough money,good love,good healty,my family important too

06:44 PM Feb 21 2009 |



Money makes the world go round…...whoever says money is the least imp thing in the world is unsophisticated…...if ur a billionaire..u can make ppl to lick ur ass or to drink ur piss by giving them some cash…..in this world money is the most important thing and it is power, respect and happiness…..evrything else comes after money…..love, friendship and hatred…....money makes them all….....girls love money…...:)<!-Session data->

02:41 AM May 08 2010 |


Viet Nam

Iagree with 00Mephisto, money is very important in life but it is not the most important. It can not buy true happiness and love or even health, but it makes something become easier in life.We can not live without money. . . having enough money, i dont know when we have enough but i know how i feel happy in my life that is enough for me.

02:08 PM May 08 2010 |

Nice shadow

United Arab Emirates

health is very important more than money

06:29 PM May 08 2010 |



Just need to recognize that we get money to live , not live to get money

09:52 PM Sep 21 2011 |

joe cheng

joe cheng


what is money? i think money is life. if you don’t have money,you can’t buy foods,you can’t buy anything you need in your life,even you can’t live. Everyone work hard in the world,maybe someone think work is life,but it’s not the whole life. if you have money,you can do a lot of  valuable things for the world. so money is the most important thing in the life.

01:22 AM Sep 22 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

partly true .. it just an aim to ensure good life and other factors such as believe, patience, hope, will and skill are more important.

so keep the ways to get the aim and enjoy your life.  

Nice talk … thank you.

05:06 AM Sep 22 2011 |



So if money is everything in life, how can the bird live and be among the happiest creatures on earth, and how could Elvis prisley suicide ?!!! there is a paradox here !

09:53 AM Sep 22 2011 |