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Life Talk!

Do you think that money is the most important thing in Life???




In my opinion , human's life is dependent upon many factors not only money….

And you what do you think ?????

01:54 PM Jan 11 2008 |

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When there are children are probably the most good and remarkable, that occurs to the person in a life. Certainly all over again love – then children. As our world is absolutely not perfect, we concern differently to love and children. Children are a greater responsibility about which I now have some representations … … . a life such complex piece, never represent, that waits for you " behind a corner ".
     The Life is similar to an apple pie, well or on any else dish. Judge: first the dough, a dough prepare long enough, taste of a pie (a dough are we till seven years) depends on it, so to say, then the stuffing is gives наполниность to a pie and after that we precisely know "interior" (soul) … … .готовка a pie borrows somewhere one and a half hour – in comparison with eternity it anything, anything as well as all our life. It seems to me, that the Sphynx was at a loss – to answer a question, the answer which at us near by.
     The Childhood, the best time in a life lead basically unconsciously and carefree, probably, it such, потомучто parents know, how it is heavy in a life, therefore in every possible way and indulge us; I shall give the children everything that they grew in love, caress and care.
     Sadly before New Year, always so. You plan, as it to lead in summary all turns out not so. Ideas it is material, but if to repeat all time halvah – becomes more sweet not, actions are necessary. Can, a life so хренова from time to time, in connection with that it cannot distinguish happiness from pleasure. Here standard: a heap of money (pair millions $), the machine, an apartment (the some people still a yacht) ….. Appetite good, only here is not present happiness!
     People it is a pity, the world it is a pity, too – all we egoists to some extent. To live hard, to die you it would not be desirable, and it is senseless, we shall survive … ….. Yes to that – the life varies how you to it concern also the most important who with you a beside! In my life there was much everything, and here to share there is nobody (trust to people has lost in seven years – the small case has played greater importance …), now it is much easier. What happiness to wake up and lay down with the person who is loved by you, and it you when it is possible to lay simply without words and to read ideas each other literally, to make to it a breakfast … … it I awake me almost every morning, and sleepy and little bit sad that I shall not see it till the late evening … …. When I rise the first involuntarily I recollect … … it early rose, about half sixth while it was in a shower, mum made to it a breakfast, saw off for work and so years 10-ть. I always thought, that my life will be similar to a life of the father, tested always sensation of discomfort as the father feeds family, and me still early. Now I become it, here in fact as, parents always want, that the life of children was not similar to them, and children, in most cases, aspire to it, start up even in trifles?

09:41 AM Jan 12 2008 |



In this world…we need money ofcourse..but it is not the most important thing in life. The most important thing is health. The whole you. Maybe you will ask why? Being healthy is important coz if you are healthy you will be able to work and earn that money. If you are rich..but you are not healthy what is the use of that? You can only satisfy the use of money if you are healthy. Will you be happy if you are sick? Money can't buy life…nor buy health…it may help you in some ways but there are sickness that are not curable…so even if you have lots of  money it will be useless for you. Being healthy  is loving yourself the whole you..so if you love yourself you can love others too..you have to start from yourself before doing it to others. And its true you can't live also with just love alone…it should be with some other factors. 

I do believed in this statement…"HEALTH IS WEALTH"



12:37 PM Jan 12 2008 |




I hate people saying money's not important at all… That there are some more important things in the world like friendship, love and all that kind of banal spatial crap. If you think so, then you are either a rather rich person or just an naive young kid who haven't seen a life yet and don't understand it all! You just have your rose-colorued spectacles on. But be sure, life's gonna make you take 'em off with the lapse of time. Or you may be a saint or a secluded monk, or a space alien…
A modern world's not a paradise and people are not angels! In this world you have to pay almost for everything. For pity, money play a great role in modern life. This is the reality…The thing is that everyone has different needs (phisical and mental) and that is why financial needs of different people differ too. I mean that someone needs one hundred dollars per month to feel oneself comfortably and the other person wouldn't be satisfied even with thousands. But NOone could manage without money at all.
You say happiness… Hey you guys who tell that happiness is more important that money! what's the happiness, as you imagine it??? Whould you be happy enough starving and being nude, having no shelter??? Or looking on your family, a wife and your children in that condition?? I doubt it… It's just a small part. Just think yourself how many times you have to pay for something and you you'll see it would be an ENUMEROUS list.
Besides, why should we set a priority??? Money, health, happiness, love, respect are all interrelated things and I don't see a necessity to stand one of them above the others. In different socities there are different values…
Certainly you shouldn't be a slave of your lucre. Some things one can't buy, I should admit it. But money is a VERY important nowadays, you should admit it, too. 

01:26 PM Jan 12 2008 |




I am agree with your opinions, the first ,the money is living necessary,so we must take a job for wage.the second,the emotion is also necessary,the emotion is including love and friendly.the last ,the career is necessity to everyone.

04:01 AM Jan 14 2008 |


Syrian Arab Republic

The health is the most important element in the life ,, cuz without health money and everything is useless ,, so the most important thing is health, love , and the life materiels including money


04:13 AM Jan 14 2008 |



i think money was very important, anything also walk it around.so that everyone need to effort to earn enought the money to maintain family.if without money will possibly in the fact of all kind of money the problem.on the other hand health also important.because without it if you own the  most money also not way to enjoy the happy time.so i wish everybody would have good health and enought the money to live a happy daySmile

08:38 AM Jan 14 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

first thing is God

Second thing is Health

third thind is money for sure .


08:59 AM Jan 14 2008 |



it is just a need but let me say need of hour ,in the most important things of life it is not seen anywhere in my life

11:16 PM Jan 14 2008 |



well money is important actually it's very important, some people think that money can buy ANYTHING but i think they're wrong !! we can't buy our health or our friends when we say friends it's mean REAL FRIENDS who loves you because who you are not because of your money..

and for sure money can't but happiness !!! and life with out happiness and real friends and with out health it's meanless and it's nothing !!

so i prefer to have friends ,health,love, and happiness then i'll think about having money later ^^!!!

11:04 AM Jan 15 2008 |



Viet Nam

in my opinion:





01:02 PM Jan 15 2008 |