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i have a boyfriend,but i chn't forget my first love




now,i have a new boyfriend ,but i always think about my first love.i feel that i just want to be one,but my boyfriend love me,i can't refuse him. but i don't feel good. i can't forget ,so i don't know how to do ?so ,someone can tell me how

05:00 AM Jan 12 2008 |

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I think, you should value that person who really loves you. Because, it is better to be loved rather than to love and not to be loved!


07:16 AM Jan 12 2008 |



Russian Federation

Nonmutual love is the worst type of situation. It's unfair to your current boy. But, you know, first love is in our heart forever. We'll always love our first girl or boy. That's ok.

07:42 AM Jan 12 2008 |




you should cherish the current boyfriend!he loves you very much.you should believe that to be loved is  more happier than to love!!he can care for you carefully in life.

I can understand your mood!!you love your first boyfriend but you should know you have been separated.he don't belongs to you!!you need time to forget him but don't refuse your current boyfriend perhaps he is the right man that can live with you all the life!!Don't lose this chance!!

Time can make you forget your first boyfrieng and accept your current boyfriend!I have ever had the same experience as you!!And now I am togeter with my second friend and forget all about my first boyfriend.

we should appreciate the boy who let us out of the pain that lose love !!



08:02 AM Jan 12 2008 |



i want us to chat one on one on yahoo messenger

08:40 AM Jan 12 2008 |



Atforst, rest sometimes,then……

09:15 AM Jan 12 2008 |