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Saudi Arabia

hi everybody

While i was surfing the net, i found a very useful article for the English learners

i hope you benefint from it

Hardcore English Training Overview, ways to speak English like native in 3 monthsPosted on April 19th, 2007 in Hardcore English Training by admin


            If you are in a non- English speaking country, of course you can not avoid learning English. You may have tried so hard you read many English books and you pay a lot of money for learning English but deeply inside you feel you don’t go anywhere. You still can not speak English fluently, still cannot communicate very well with foreigners. Why? Because you learn English only few hours a day, you learn with brain which what you have learnt would stay very shortly in your memory and then fade away. Could we make it permanent as driving skill and bicycle riding skill? Don’t give up I’ll tell you the way and be afraid not to pay a lot of money, this way is priceless. I named it “Hardcore English Training” This learning to speak English program requires you 3 months long, 4-6 hours a day, and strong effort. I guarantee that you will speak like native in 3 months also beat any one who has been abroad. Are you ready to accomplish this? Here we go.  Firstly, “stop using your own language” Don’t get confuse. It means you have to make up your mind that there is only one language in this world which is English. If you are Chinese, no more Chinese, if you are Thai, no more Thai. For example, you watch News on local channel everyday, don’t you? Change it to CNN instead or any English news channels which available in your country. Stop reading local newspaper, change it to any English one. Also change any local media into English as well. This is basic step to Learn to speak English. Secondary, “Do anything in English” for example, you usually note anything in your own language but from now on, no more. Write it down in English even it is probably wrong. Just ignore and keep doing it, you’ll get more experience and be easier soon. Moreover, there is no exception in your mind, you have to think English!  Are you crazy? No, I’m not. I repeat, think everything in English. This may be frustrated in the beginning but will be easier eventually. Believe me, I’ve done it before. This is very tough way to learn to speak English but extremely work. Thirdly, “Practice with movies” this step requires you many DVD movies. Why DVD? You can select language on DVD independently. Before start, I need you to choose your favorite accent first. Be careful with this step for learning to speak English.  If you like British English accent you have to watch English Movie. If you like American accent which is much easier to find you just pick American accent movie. After you’ve chosen then start watching it and exactly repeat what you hear. If you don’t know any words you may turn subtitle on so you can know what actors/actress actually says. How often? 2 movies a day should be ok.   I summarized this entire program as “Total English Environment” Innovative way to learn to speak English. Which everything surround you are in English. This may seem pretty tough, you might give up and stop training and get back to your old-school way. Before that, I would like to tell you, “Hardcore English Training” is a successful way to make English skill stay with you forever without spending much money, no need to go abroad. Worth to try, completely self learning English, don’t you think so?  Learn to speak English is easy. Believe me 

                                                                  your friend


01:26 PM Jan 16 2008 |

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hi bosha, how are you
I would like thank you so much for geting something like this article
and enhansing others by give them something like that
thanks again and have a nice day

03:03 PM Jan 16 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

My father used to tell me “you will not speak English until you think in English” so I think all what you have mentioned is correct and people should have some kind of motivation to learn other languages. Don’t forget   “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited “and in my opinion the best ignition is motivation.

08:58 PM Jan 16 2008 |




All in all, thinking in English and keeping on going.

01:02 AM Jan 17 2008 |




that is a good idea , i will follow u and study hard .


02:18 AM Jan 17 2008 |


Russian Federation

I study in institute which lean people English.And i say about look like training,some people say that that metod realy usefull.I think that it is true but that metod need in a lot of time.I haven’t a lot of free time and I don’t use it.What are you think how deside thise problem?

04:04 PM Jul 27 2008 |



Thanks a lot .I will learn English hardSmile

10:51 AM Aug 21 2008 |




Thank you

You are very kind!

08:23 AM Aug 22 2008 |



Good idea,thanks manSmile

04:22 PM Jan 19 2009 |



Great Thanks for useful advise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Laughing

10:18 PM Jan 21 2009 |



thanks for your great lesson

06:00 PM Oct 12 2012 |