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Attractive people



Saudi Arabia

I had a meeting last Wednesday. The meeting was about terms and conditions in the contract that will be between our company and one of the bidders.

The objective of the contract is to build new power substation. Their group was consisting of four representatives.

Their leader  was very smart. He tried to eliminate most of our condition that will commitment his company .He succeeded because he was very conviction. 

 I hope to be like him. Some of people have the ability to

change our mind. They have the ability and the knowledge

to attract all the people around them. There opinion will be

concern in most of the discussions.   We face these types

of the people in the dailylive. We can be like them but how????

02:33 PM Jan 20 2008 |

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ok very good.i agree with your opinion .me too.i want to be a attractive people also, from your lover ,workmates,friends ,unknowing people etc.

oh sorry i am not a one who can attract others.

03:42 PM Jan 20 2008 |




In my opinion ,we just be ourself. The person who wanna be attractive is merely looking for fame. So be yourself ,do what you like and right ,that's would be fine. When we do somethig with that attitude we could be an attractive person at last.

03:52 PM Jan 20 2008 |

Green Alice

Russian Federation

Yeah, such people do exist. Sometimes they don't really  need to work hard: company will keep them only for negotiation purposes, since they have incredible ability to convince anyone of anything. They are "lucky stars" for their companies.

Some of these people are actors by nature, some study rhetoric, others use NLP.

 I think, negotiators go through special courses held up by psychologists. "Big business" uses special negotiation technologies and don't share them with their rivals.

 I don't deny that some people are really charming and have charisma, but I believe that anyone (even not good-looking people) can develop themselves and become attractive.

09:03 PM Jan 29 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic

yes NLP is a very Good for you , but you should try to have every your behaviour in the day as an experiment to learn from it.. look for the successful behaviour of any person you like.. and learn..

09:21 PM Jan 29 2008 |