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terribilis ist locost este



This is a message for someone I don't  know him and he don't know me, inspades we know each other very well,  a very expensive has to be my heart,  black hair and white heart, this dark ethereal something beautiful that can be perceived that if you approach them ready, a heart of gold as there may, it is a person who  engage in campaigning and in just causes.
I mean was this person that I am not an ungrateful ever, I am grateful for all that she has done for me, she believed in me, it made me trust it help me while I was in difficult situations, which it does not know is that I believed in her since the beginning ,and  I have great respect for what she  is and what she does, I want the most expensive to have her as friend,a faithful friend .
I prefered  her friendship long time ago and it is the most important.
I want to prove, for her first that she wasn't wrong with me as i wasn't on her, and to other people should not convince anyone already convinced it like trying to drown a fish.
 but this friendship can't be successful, not because we don't  want but we couldn't , because of some people who   deteste me and want to destroy me and hurt me.
I try fine for several months but nothing was done, the more I try the more they prevent me more he destroyed me,
I try to understand them, but nothing to do, they judged me ahead, we called this the presjugees .
They say "A venger", but never how can i venge her?, but it is inconceivable, may be deliberate.
I had a lot of bad penalties lot of pein during long months, I can't do no more.
I feel that I am in a box . I risk the implosion, but it may be what they want.
I can understand things that should not be spoken or done  it's  comprehensible, but doing all this to me!!  No it's not fair, it's unhuman methods unacceptable, which logic you think,what's this cause that allows you to treat people like that.
They say it is America, but you become as your worst enemies. wake up and see what you are doing. I didn't know that America is like this I don't want to believe that!
Black hair and green hands I can't  accept it, it's is my health and my integrity, I can't live in this environment I am really sorry accept my apologies because I really tried for a long time. I can't trust to words or phrasis but persons, opinions, but I trust on u .

What I can wish you the whole happiness of the world with your family, do not change because that would be regretable.

03:59 PM Jan 20 2008 |