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BLUE MONDAY /jan 21 unhappiest day of the year?




Hey, I just learned about this BLUE MONDAY thing – that says around the third Monday of January ( which falls Jan. 21) is the most depressing day of the year. Accdg, to what I read this is because of the combination of bad weather, Christmas debts and broken New Year resolutions. Well…. are you feeling so bad today? 

Me, i had my holiday blues earlier than this? What about you? wanna hear your thoughts about this issue?

12:54 AM Jan 21 2008 |

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i fail my last-term exam!Frown

i retrogress deeplily  !!!!!

get more chance to take part in some competition ,i think

and want to get some prize ! haha 

dear,be happy .tomorrow will be fine again !keep good spirit to work !

04:18 AM Jan 21 2008 |

zaw tun

zaw tun


Yes,it's absolutely correct.Because today early morning, one of my vessel's engine crank shaft was broken.It's gave me depression.However,I will try not to carry these depressions to tomorrow because tomorrow is my birth day.Now standard time of my country  is 2 pm,21st January .Blue Monday.

07:26 AM Jan 21 2008 |