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Inner beauty or outside appearance?




As for me I never judge people on appearance. I try to learn the person from within. And if it is fine inside externally it will seems to me attractive too  (probably, it has reminded to some a film " Shallow Hal ":). Only I don’t need for it to enter into a hypnotic condition ;)).  

So, what is more important for you – internal beauty or external? And whether you can push away the person only because it has not liked you externally?


09:38 AM Sep 20 2006 |

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I try to prefer the inner beauty. The only Problem is almost everyone [I too, maybe;-)]

do it unconscious.

01:39 PM Sep 20 2006 |






 i´v looked first for external beauty.But now i opened the internal beauty and it ´s more valuable & more beautiful.Pitty that i don.t remark it earlier. 


08:36 AM Sep 21 2006 |




Hi, friends! Thank you for your comments.  

Klishchi, don’t worry, I got you. My English in the same level :) 

Dear Sevara, nice to hear it. Yes, internal beauty it’s a real value. One get it in the childhood, the other one in thirty, forty… but at last everybody, I think (I hope :)).

 Take care! Keep smile! Kinski

09:41 AM Sep 21 2006 |



what matters most is the inner beauty more than the outside appearance of a person… there are people who are beautiful on the outside but not on the inside.. which makes them look uglier

outer beauty is only temporary… someday it will fade away. but inner beauty is forever 

10:01 PM Sep 21 2006 |




Well it's an interesting topic.  All of us are told never to judge a man by his looks, but in real life, none of us can not resist the attraction from the guys/gals with nice looking, especially at the first sight…It's the truth…one study I read in one article indicated that those good-looking guys/gals can get higher salary than those who just look average, people think that they are more intelligent just like they look so. 

I can give lots of examples here like that, but it does not mean I care more about appearance than the characters like honesty, a warm-heart, being considerate, intelligence, ... being a woman, I do think these traits are much more important than appearance, and I am attracted to guys who are nice and have a good sense of humour.  But I do not want to deny I kinda appealed to the handsome guys, and I think most of ppl have the same thoughts, just look at the matching sites, the guys/gals who did not post a picture often get less reponse than the ppl who did.  Appearance is also one part of ourselves, just like our souls, so I would have been so blessed if I had Jennifer Anistone's eyes, Julie Roberts's mouth,  Jennifer Lopez's hip…. ha ha, joking…I have never thought to have any plastic operations, though some ppl have done that under the influence of the media and Hollywood.

Stay healthy and happy…  Sherry

04:33 AM Sep 22 2006 |




in real life.i feel outside appearance is improtant at the fist. then inner beauty can be realize.

of couse. both are perfect. but it's impossible generally. plastic surgery is terrible i think.

if someone has beautiful appearance, he/she paid half to got success. it's unfair. but it's true.

i must do my best to work. because i have no beautiful appearance.

but we can improve my inner beauty .

i don't know how to say,

when we see with our heart, inner beauty is better.

02:06 AM Sep 28 2006 |




inner beauty is more valuable after you learned the person  who you having connection  with

07:02 AM Sep 28 2006 |




I'm quite agree with Sherry.'in real life, none of us can resist the attraction from the guys/gals with nice looking, especially at the first sight'  this is true

of cource, i care more about the inner beauty, and meanwhile, i will also care about the latter one…


08:31 AM Sep 28 2006 |


zeus2006Super Member!



my friends,I wonder wheather you are honest or not?Please tell me there are two men/women who one of them is beautiful/handsome the other one is not are standing in front of you and they want to go out with you and you don't know who is clever,goodheart or bla bla…... because you never talk them before,would you please tell me which person you choose?Please be honest!!!

Please don't misundertand me,I never tell inner beauty is not important or the other one,just I wanted to ask this question to you all.In my opinion outside appearence is more important then ınner beauty I mean If you don't know him/her before.Ofcourse I prefer inner beauty,too but I can choose her from the good looking people.It means a person can be bath goodlooking and goodheart.I prefer her.  :)

11:08 AM Oct 02 2006 |




Hi, Zeus

At first – welcome! Thank you for share with us your opinion.

Actually hardly I can imagine that somebody I never speak with call me go out :). Anyway, in this case I’ll prefer go out with both of them ;).

Sorry, but I don’t agree outside appearance is more important then inner beauty. Even if first time I see a person – I can repeat my words – I never judge him/her on appearance! And I’m honest.

Take care! Bye! Kinski

06:41 PM Oct 02 2006 |