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Inner beauty or outside appearance?




As for me I never judge people on appearance. I try to learn the person from within. And if it is fine inside externally it will seems to me attractive too  (probably, it has reminded to some a film " Shallow Hal ":). Only I don’t need for it to enter into a hypnotic condition ;)).  

So, what is more important for you – internal beauty or external? And whether you can push away the person only because it has not liked you externally?


09:38 AM Sep 20 2006 |

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zeus2006Super Member!


Hi bjoosta,

Congratulations,Bjoosta.I absolutely agree with you.Thanks for your explanations,I tried to write all of these but I thought I couldn't explain myself but I can see there is a person who think like me.Thanks God.

Take care.Bye. 


05:38 PM Oct 08 2006 |



it is hard to say,i think.

10:05 AM Oct 10 2006 |




Hello again to you all,

Wow , how nice is to read Kinski's post. It  is really interesting  to see how we can interact when we really want it.

Bjoosta, thanks for enlightening us, we are learning here and you helped us to clarify this issue. Natural selection is a key topic to bear in mind.

I need a quotation hereSmile

" We must , however, acknowledge as it seems to me, that a man with all his noble qualities …still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his lowly origin "  Charles Darwin 

See you all soon

02:58 PM Oct 10 2006 |



you are all right and all with reason.

in my openion,if you consider outsite appearance is more important ,the

precondition is before you  kown the inner beauty .and if you consider inner beauty is more important ,the precondition is after you know the inner beauty .you konw ,people who is buautiful he may be with a good inner beauty, contrarily,he  isnot.and people who is commont,he may be with bad  moral,contrarily ,he isnot.so estimating a people  if he is correct or vicious,it is hard to know when in the fisrst sight .and estimating a people it must take a long time, nowadays,in the hight efficiency world ,some people donot want to waste the time ,so they think appearance is more important.but if you know the people well ,you deem inner beauty is more important.

02:37 AM Oct 11 2006 |




Hi, my dear friends!

It is very interesting discussion, thanks for all!

Okay, I’m agree, we are animals :). BUT! CULTURAL and EDUCATED animals!!!

 Anyway. I just want to make a conclusion.

For catch an attention from man/woman the person should be good-looking. But for keep this attention for a long time he/she should have inner beauty. Do you agree with me now :)? 

Take care! Bye! Kinski

06:20 AM Oct 11 2006 |




Hello Kinski,

I like your conclusion very much! It's great resume!

special greetings for you Kinski, Bigmama, Sherry and Zeus.

 take care, aaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


07:14 PM Oct 11 2006 |




Hi Kinski and all,

first I will give my opinion to your conclusion – the inner beauty only will be important for somebody, who also have inner beauty. Otherwise the person won´t be interested at all …

You all seem to reference outside appearance with an attractive face or something like this. For me outside appearance is to look cultivated and to behave proper. Somebody could have the most attractive face at all – if he does not look spruce – sorry, no way. And somebody may have a less attractive face, but if he/she takes care of his/her clothes, the person will find my interest. So I find outside appearance important too. Sorry, but a person without clean clothes and a person without good breeding COULD not find my interest. We wouldn´t have themes to talk about. That´s not my cup of tea.

So I have to conclude for me – Fine feathers make fine birds. This is my first impression.

If a person seems to be attractive for us, does not depends only on the face. It is the whole appearance. So I have an example for one person, most of us know from TV. CSI Miami – the guy with the red hair. The boss of the others, I do not know his name. His face isn´t attractive at all. If I would see him with careless clothes, he would not attract my attention. I see him on the TV with a good appearance in the sum – so for me this is a interesting person I would like to look for a second time.

So my conclusion is – first I see the outside appearance. If this finds my sympathy, I will be willing to look for a second time and I will start to search the inner beauty …

To look good, attractive in the eyes of other people, sometimes we only have to make a very, very little thing … Start to smile.

With this in mind – have a nice day all over the world.


06:42 AM Nov 19 2006 |




kinski, good topic. to me it doesn't matter it  is outside or inside beauty. all i need is the mood and why i like this person. if there is a good reason to be so, for me it is a beauty . i like insten, although he look so urgly , but i admire his intelligence. When i meet ladies, the attraction in appearance can never last long, except my mood follow my relation and intimacy with the person to whom i could communicate well with respect.

that it. 

06:57 PM Dec 12 2006 |



the most important thing is what are from inside (internal beauty) but since peaple see only can't see that so the judgement will always be based on the external beauty. 

07:19 PM Dec 12 2006 |



hi,i want to show my point of view now.

from a young girl's opinion,i think i will pay more attention on a man's inner beauty.

if i'm fall in love to a handsome man for the first sight,but,after that i found he's not a kindhearted man and bla bal…....i think i'll leave him at once.

08:18 AM Dec 13 2006 |