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Life Talk!

There comes Chinese Spring Festival~!Have u felt the festival's climate?




Hey!Tomorrow is Chinese Spring Festival!The most important festival for  Chinese all around the world.It's New Year Day in Chinese calendar.As a Chinese,I feel so excited to welcome the day.And everything around me shows the new year is coming!

If u r Chinese,share ur experience of enjoying the festival here.And lets exchange our wishes of the new year.

If u rn't Chinese,tell us what u feel about this festival in ur country.And if u'd like 2 know more about this fesvival,type ur questions here.I'll introduce it 4 u~U know,culture is common 4 everyone around da world.

Here r my best wishes 2 everyone on Ebaby:Happy new Chinese year!

05:14 AM Feb 06 2008 |

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Ala~i'm coming

tomorrow is Chinese Spring Festival

happy new year~

i like Chinese Spring Festival so much.

i think none of chinese doesn't like this festival.

we can get "red-bag"(lucky money)in that day.

all family get togetherwe watch tv and we have dinner  together!

i'm so excited!!

05:35 AM Feb 06 2008 |




In here Chinese culture center organizes a spring festival every year and Im planning to join this year.So can you give me some information about that festival?

10:13 AM Nov 12 2009 |