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love...does it exist



hello friends,

i think the term love was created by someone in order to make people's life more intereseting, but in fact we have not love, we just get used to each other. how do you think?

10:45 AM Feb 06 2008 |

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of course love is exist. we survive till now caused of love, our mother cares us every times, so does our father services us the responsibility. also take look the world still exist, whatever it be caused as we look, it is only from love performance.

06:58 AM Feb 11 2008 |



I'm sorry to hear that. Love shoud be the most beautiful things in the world. Everyone need love,and we are always seeking for love. If you are confused with love now . I can only say, it's the preparation for the next true love. Come on ,love is waiting for you. Hold on for one minute more ,she will come at the unexpected moment.

09:19 PM Feb 11 2008 |



thanks for your replies, i hope early or late i will find my love. and i hope it will be mutual. wish everybody to feel this great feeling at least one time in whole life.Smile

05:42 AM Feb 12 2008 |




love is not a word to say .

and it differs in meaning and what it evokes from one person to other .

and my eye love is a good thing in life that allow tow person or more to melt their souls in one soul .

it is really a magic thing that helps people to understand each other and it is the secret behind forgiveness an sumpathy in our world .

 and true love is emphasized by a true manners and perfomance towards the other side.


and i hope every one to fall in love with the right person who will make the life for both great and full of happiness..


and finally it is just my a say about love . 


good luck


10:33 AM Feb 12 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

hi dear:

i want to tell u that i never fall in love ,although im 23 yr old girl, but that doesnt mean that love is not existed and that im uglyWink. love doesnt come over a night, it comes over months and maybe years. if u faced many bad lovers through ur life, iwant to tell a very famous arabic proverb:look at ur fingers, they r not same. 

04:11 AM Feb 14 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

hi prison break:

i want u to read my comment  concerning love (p.2).u will find a reply for ur  comment. u must not give up( choose the right love in the right person) 

02:35 PM Feb 14 2008 |



Hong Kong

Love is exit…it is because I had tried this before, I really really loved a guy and of course I was hurt by him deeply. 

I am really really afraid fall in love again.



02:46 PM Feb 14 2008 |



I believe love does exist ! Love makes our world and our life more beautiful ,I can hardly imagine what the life will be without love. Maybe you haven't found the true love belongs to you,but that can't be the reason that you deny the existence of love.

03:08 PM Feb 14 2008 |




love is nothing without …....meeting!! ::))

09:19 PM Feb 14 2008 |



hello, "love is nothing without meeting" interesting statement, i like it.

04:55 AM Feb 15 2008 |