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Life Talk!

Look for your name in Chinese ^ . ^




sew check name in Japanese…

at here, putting out A B C in Chinese..Just for fun…XD

A诶 ei
B闭 bi
C四一 ci
D地  di
E一 yi
F爱夫 ai fu
G之一 ji
H诶吃 ai qv
I爱 ai
J这诶 zhei
K可诶 kei
L爱偶 ai ou
M爱母 ai mu
N恩 en
O鸥 ou
P批 pi
R啊 a
S爱死ai si
T踢 ti 
U一偶 yo
V五一 wi
W打不流 da bu lv
X爱可丝 ei ke si
Y歪 wai
Z子一 zi yi

07:25 AM Feb 10 2008 |

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Tongue out

My  true chinese name is liu yun.

Translated here do not know what is.

12:54 PM Feb 10 2008 |