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Understand China, know China





  I am from China. 

  Everybody knows that 2008 Olympic Games will be held in China's capital Beijing.Everybody knows My motherland has the glorious history and the ancient culture. 

  However it is not many people knows China's reform and open policy has obtained remarkable achievement , it is not many people knows China still have tens of thousands of poverty-stricken people's , it is not all people knew that China just had experienced snow and ice disaster which 50 years do not meet .

Do you want to understand China , friends!  I aslo want to understand your country.

Let us know mutually !

03:45 AM Feb 13 2008 |

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I am living in Nanjing, China. I am from Canada. China did not experience a snow disaster. If this is a snow disaster then Toronto Canada gets a snow disaster several times a week in the winter time.

This was not a big snowfall. The most snowfall any part of China received in one day was 4-6 cm.

Toronto has already had 10 days of snowfall exceeding that and there was no disaster.

What was a disaster was how the snow was handled

No salt or sand was used on any of the roads!!

No wonder the streets were skating rinks!

Dont blame mother nature.

 They should hire someone from Canada to deal with this


04:09 AM Feb 13 2008 |



What was a disaster was how the snow was handled

When facing the snow disaster what do you do

04:56 AM Feb 13 2008 |