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Life Talk!

what is the life?


United States

Let us talk about the life.What is life and how to life?I feel tired.

03:58 PM Sep 29 2006 |

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yeah ,iam a student a college. i always feel that the life is difficutl for me.

i get so despressed about life that playing computer grams is only my saluvation.

i really donnot know what the future will be?

05:33 AM Sep 30 2006 |




Hi, vitayou

Are you tired of what? Of life? In your 24? Poor, poor boy :). You make me laugh.
But I don't know your life, of course. May be all life you have lived on the street and should earn money from the childhood…  Or early you lost your parents and should care about 10 your younger brothers and sisters… I don't know. May be. You didn't tell us. But I don't think so. Sorry, I don't want to hurt you. But I'm really can't understand you. Why you can't enjoy your life? What a problems?

Believe me you will have so many more difficult problems in your life in future! And just than you can realize that now you don’t have any problems! Just live your life! And be thanks for every day you live!  

And luobin, this words for you too ;) 

Take care! Keep smile! Bye! Kinski

06:33 AM Sep 30 2006 |




Life is living every day.life is work every day ,life is we must thinging about it everyday. i don't konw what do you thinging know,maybe you are a child.you don't thing it anything ,maybe you are a rich man there is a lot of money in you family .but  i'not i must work every day ,i think i must have more experences to liveing in the future,

10:41 AM Oct 01 2006 |



thank u ,kin.

but ,ididn't say i feel dispointment about life , iam not afraid the difficults and the frustrtions in the life  ,i just didn'tknow what to do and how to deal with them / 

12:15 PM Oct 01 2006 |




Hi, Luobin 

I nothing told about disappointment. You told that you feel life difficult for you. And Vitayou feel tired from the life. I just can’t understand what makes your young life so hard? Studies? Funny. Ten years letter you will think it was most beautiful years in your life, I’m sure :). Just enjoy your life! 

Take care! Bye! Kinski

02:55 PM Oct 02 2006 |




Hello vitayou,

Needles to say you are tired , your profile is empty Wink  Life is a journey viatyou ! Each day is a new opportunity to start again, no matter how bad was yesterday. You are not alone, don't you see around you? There's so much to do !!! Think about your goal and go for it !!!

Greetings to you all






02:13 PM Oct 03 2006 |



thank u ,kinski,may be you are right.i donn't want  think more about  what is the  life,  i only want to  spend  everyday in a good mood.may u have a good day/

02:42 PM Oct 03 2006 |



I think life is meanful if you dont waste it with silly things.

I always believe God and God help and protect us whenever we need.I think the other world we will go is so important too.So I say my prayer God to live good in this life.what do you think??

sorry if I cant explain.my English isnt perfect=))

07:29 PM Dec 13 2006 |




vitayou, to me, life is difficult to describe and figure out, but i think it is important to have : dreams, hopes, friendships, funs, choices, courage, actions, ... as long as times belongs to me,

09:57 AM Dec 16 2006 |



Life is


"Love In Friendship Everywhere"  so should you put our love to All our

friends, All those who are near and dear to us.

this is life



10:46 AM Dec 16 2006 |