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Life Talk!

why have u chosen ur nickname?

Just Me!!!

Saudi Arabia

hi ppl

how r u doing?

well, i think it's obvious from the title

just tell us y did u choose ur nickname? is there any story behind ur choice or what?!!


i know it's not a brand new idea but still an interesting one _

0o0o0o waiting o0o0o0


08:22 AM Feb 13 2008 |

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well Casio is a brand of calculator which i use it all the times during maths and physics class…....Wink

and also, it's the name of a group of gangsta or some underground gangs but i'm not saying that i'm like that… just take da first meaning ok!!!  

Siol is something crazy or playful in malay language ahahh Laughing 

03:17 AM Mar 05 2008 |




In my country fasolka means- bean
I cut "f".... and voila!

[it's stupid, I know]

08:51 AM Mar 05 2008 |




aileen is my english name

ch chosen from the first two letters of my family name.

06:01 AM Mar 06 2008 |



i got this name from a friend from argentina…

but at first i am "louis"  then i changed into "louisa"...

i like this name

in addition,i want to be a happy person

09:11 AM Mar 18 2008 |