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Life Talk!

Do you have a dream in life




Do I have a dream…....

When I think of this question, I feel I have many dreams. I would like to success at work, have someone who can share with me in life and many more…....

So, guys…...what is your dream…..


06:55 AM Sep 30 2006 |

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of course!everyone has his own dream in the diverse stage of life.sometime I want to give up my dream,but at last I didn't.the life is full of joys and sorrows and just  the process of striving for our dreams,which is very competitive。

03:19 AM Nov 04 2006 |




I have a dream ,it is very normal and simple.
happy everyday.
smile to everyone who I meet.

12:43 PM Nov 06 2006 |




i really want a lot of goal in my life i want to be a good profesional in my career, i study management i want to learn a lot about sales, marketing, bussiness, import  export, yeah i dream it's has my own enterprice and help anothers people give them a work, i want to learn more languages like french, portugues, italian, chinese, i love languages, i would like to improve my abilities of comunications in the future i want to work on teh radio like a locutor, my passion is music i can play a lot of musicals intruments like guitar, charango, quena, sikus, another goal is treveling around the world and visit all teh continents, well the list is very large but i want to be happy , have a good health , money and love, i will have a family and i hope learn more about to be a good father and a good husband, i will tell you more i'm thinking!!!! i think thta this is a wonderful questions for us? what is your opinion?

04:05 AM Nov 08 2006 |



my  dream to be the one i really want!!

12:05 PM Nov 08 2006 |




I dont like to have dreams, I have goals, write with the exactly date when I am going to complish. 

Now I am doing something I writing my goals until year 2015.  Year by year and month by month.

I started this year, and many of this goal have been made.

For those that one a better and peacefull world, What are they doing.

I am from Colombia but now I am in USA, I have been here for 2 months and I am going to be one more month. But I realize how much time is 3 months (I am far away from my family), and how many thing you can do in 3 months. Imagine a life time doing something every day for make your dreams come true.


09:30 PM Nov 10 2006 |


United Kingdom

I would like to improve my english

11:24 PM Nov 10 2006 |

flying girl


of course ,everyone has dreams .when i was a child ,i have lots of dreams ,nomatter they seemd it's impossible to make them become true ,i was still confident . beut now ,i find my dreams are less and less , at the same time ,they are very realistic . for instance , making much money and recive a good offer are two of my dreams .

i have had the  dream flying in the blue sky since i was 4 .i really hope i can fly in the sky one day .

04:20 AM Nov 12 2006 |




vivi  chen said:

"My dream is to travel aroud the world.It has a strong attraction to me.I agree to "walking thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books".You can know different life,culture or people with your own eyes.You can talk with them ,feel them,then feel the world.Not only make you relax from the busy or boring life but also give you a chance to think. The more you know about the life ,the more you enjoy it.""

that is also my aspiration!

02:56 PM Mar 05 2007 |



"I Have a Dream" like Martin Luther king jr.His was one of the greatest of dreams.Only Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi had excelled him.All the human beings are dreamers.We can not do without dreams.We dream good and bad.Good dreams lift us steeple high and spur us into zestful action.When these dreams are blended with humanism,compassion and munificence par excellence,life moves from log cabin to the White House and Mohan Das becomes Mahatma.Let our dreams go high !

With best wishes,


12:42 AM Mar 06 2007 |




I believe everyone have his dreams, and all of us are studying hard, working hard every day in order to realise our dreams. One of my dream is that I need a large mount of money, I want to help those chiildren who has no money to go to school in the world. and now, I am working for the dream, it will come true I believe

02:14 PM Mar 06 2007 |