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Do you have a dream in life




Do I have a dream…....

When I think of this question, I feel I have many dreams. I would like to success at work, have someone who can share with me in life and many more…....

So, guys…...what is your dream…..


06:55 AM Sep 30 2006 |

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United Arab Emirates

Every human has a dream to do something or to be something in life, but they should never feel depressed just go ahead and you will be successful one day.

08:33 AM Mar 13 2007 |



to be a lonely walker, that is a dream in my heart for such a long time.

but i do not know how to realize it.

09:11 AM Mar 13 2007 |




u know something i'm shocked when i read ur question because i realized that i don't have any special dream to talk about it. in fact i don't even have a simple dream.

i live my life day by day without thinking in the future, because i'm lebanese so here nobody can assure his future. 

01:57 PM Mar 13 2007 |





my dream, U already knows abt my all dreams, and U r also the part of my dream !!



05:48 AM Mar 15 2007 |


United Arab Emirates

Dream is a dream, sometime you have good luck and some time you have bad luck, that u can't achieve what u want. But always remember all dearms can't be true but always try to achieve it!!!!

07:53 PM Mar 15 2007 |




er… my dream is commen. to live with my lover and make my life happy and pretty every. i think commen is the lagerest happiness. Do you think so ….

and i think as a human health is the most important , so i hope pretty guys can take health body  it's so normal but this is what i want

05:50 PM Mar 16 2007 |

wendy wang

wendy wang


when i was a child i had a dream to own a store selling a variety of icecreams and cakes.when u enter my store u can buy icecreams on your right hand and if u want to have something to eat u can get delicious cakes on your left hand  because i hope one day i can share their happiness when they are enjoying my food offered to them.

04:45 PM Mar 17 2007 |




Definetely…...Everyone has a dream!!! Like me

For me it is to dream of a successfull career, life, peace everywhere.

I dream to see happiness in each and every creature on this planet.

I want to see love everywhere. No violence, no corruption, no poverty, no hatredness, only Pure Love everywhere.

I dream to see faces of everone blooming like a morning flower.

And finally, I dream that everyone dream this.





05:42 PM Mar 17 2007 |




I have a dream of doing well in my life.I can manage it .I hope I have  many friends that can share hapiness and pain.And I will make a good plan to accomplish my dream.I kown i will finish my college to join the society in july.there may be something I can't expect.but I have prepared for them.

02:24 AM Mar 18 2007 |




i have a dream in my childhood.that is my first dream and my last dream!

04:08 AM Mar 18 2007 |