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Do you believe that ghosts exist in our world ???


Viet Nam

Hi, all members here!

Although I'm quite adult (26 years old) and sometimes I was please, healthy but sometimes I got goose-pimples standing alone in the dark and feeling not sure,  I've never found out the reasonable scientific evidences which affirmed that ghosts exist in our world or do not. Since I was a very young I've hear and read, watch many stories, films, documents about ghosts but I've never seen a ghost indeed. But I'm not sure if ghosts are existent.

Have you ever seen a ghost? Do you believe that ghosts are existent in our world? Please tell me about your experience and your thoughts about ghosts.

Thank you!

Have fun! Tongue out

09:52 AM Oct 03 2006 |

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I can be sure there is a Sadan in our world,but I'm not sure if he can be called a ghost!

In my opinion,there isn't any ghost in our real world,but I can be sure there are some evil spirits around us! I've seen someone being controled by dead people's spirit and saying sth not belong to him.

12:05 PM Oct 04 2006 |




I can`t blelive that 

 Believe nothing, no matter where you read it,

12:47 PM Oct 04 2006 |



United Arab Emirates


never exist,if they were, where?...continues

its all our own feeling which is of pshycic attitude,

satan is there , but not ghost.

above i saw some strange relplys, is that all ghosts can do to us?

onething realy lives,that we call jins

god created humans and jins, inwhich humans created from soil and jins from fire.

thats all.

above this if u want to find more visit www.harunyahya.com






04:49 PM Oct 05 2006 |




Well, just like Lela, I have never seen a ghost, but I can not say that I do not believe it or say anything I do not know.  Since there are too many mysterious stuff in this world, we can not claim that it does not exist just because we do not see that, especiall the spiritual stuff.  Just think about long long time ago, every one was so sure the earth being round was such a crazy idea.  I also heard some weird things just before some close relatives passed away, so I do not think they are just bullshit.  Something behind that,....maybe….

Take care, guys.

02:42 AM Oct 06 2006 |



ghost could be existed. I have personally encountered few extraordinary things that can't be explained by any scietific ways, althougth,I haven't actually seen one yet. The eerie atmosphere are still lingering in my mind.

08:09 AM Oct 06 2006 |



United Arab Emirates


earth was and is round and has four directions.every side u be

this was said by the prophet.1400 years ago,

i know you dont belive this also,

if u want more ellobrate views, rather commenting more on this, read quran



01:07 PM Oct 06 2006 |



Maybe but I never seen a ghost .If  there is  ghost ,there is god .I just believe god is real ,something good is real.

03:18 PM Oct 08 2006 |




Hi Minh and other friends 

This topic' s very interesting and frightening :) 

I don't know the ghost is real or not, but I'm sure we aren't alone in the world.

I agree with you, Lela .. I've never seen a ghost, but I've seen several witches , the one

of them is me, too ..  :)

05:38 PM Oct 08 2006 |


Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Hi everybody, I belive that there're unvisual creatures in our planet and they have another name which's( fays) but " ghosts " I dont really know.

btw, minh, could you plz defining ghosts??

Note: If you still dont belive in fays, I can demonsrtate thatWink

11:40 PM Oct 08 2006 |



in my hometown weasel is thinked have relationsto some ghost by the elders and can control people, but i think the people being controled may have psychopathy problem

02:03 AM Oct 10 2006 |