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Do you believe that ghosts exist in our world ???


Viet Nam

Hi, all members here!

Although I'm quite adult (26 years old) and sometimes I was please, healthy but sometimes I got goose-pimples standing alone in the dark and feeling not sure,  I've never found out the reasonable scientific evidences which affirmed that ghosts exist in our world or do not. Since I was a very young I've hear and read, watch many stories, films, documents about ghosts but I've never seen a ghost indeed. But I'm not sure if ghosts are existent.

Have you ever seen a ghost? Do you believe that ghosts are existent in our world? Please tell me about your experience and your thoughts about ghosts.

Thank you!

Have fun! Tongue out

09:52 AM Oct 03 2006 |

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Aileench – I believe smone’d do a voodo thing to you because of that : D. back then in my primary school I couldn’t skip any chinese ghost movies,especially watching the vampire movie,the dead one who wear chinese traditional clothe and the hat of course and moving by jumping with his hand onward.is that thing a real one?I’m also curious just like you.. : D

10:57 AM May 07 2008 |




Well, I just doubt is there any voodoo thing exists.Tongue out

I think the chinese ghost movies are not scary. I have never seen a ghost, so I cannot answer it's true or not. But I suppose it's not true..just imagination.

Recently Im reading a novel called "ghost blows out the night(鬼吹灯)" It's about ghoul. The novel is interesting, but not scary, and it's too long, I haven't got time to finish it..

11:18 AM May 07 2008 |




Hi everybody!! I agree with S@d@f.  I've never seen ghosts, but we aren't alone in this world….. anyway I hope that all ghosts are kind!!!! 

11:23 AM May 07 2008 |



Hi Minh,

If you look at the dictionary, the word ghost pertains to "the spirit of the dead; demons or spirit". I believe in them because Satan is in his existence. Satan is actually an angel went bad.

If you would make a survey on how people think about ghosts, they would say "a ghost is the spirit of the dead, wandering around our world". Ghosts are not the spirit of the dead. Once a person dies, no spirit separates from his body. Once a person dies, his soul dies too because the human body is the soul itself. Try to read Genesis 2:7 for your reference.

Ghosts are from Satan. They are demons trying to deceive humans. They make us believe that humans have an undying soul when they come to rest in peace.

When you encounter a so-called white lady or any spirit…try to drive the demon away and say a prayer. Wink

11:38 AM May 07 2008 |



I have talked joking with my friend ,,,If the world has ghost we'll hire for armed force, doldier, the police, etc he he

03:08 PM May 07 2008 |




I do believe coz i saw a ghost few years ago whn i got chance 2 go a house which is 150 years old. he was looking like dead body, oh my God i can't tell u my feelings v those time. My voice stucked in throat  n i lost scence n fell down.

I dont knw others r believe r not but i ve n i cant 4get this memory till my last.

10:29 AM Aug 20 2008 |



well… Ghosts are Spirits…and i do believe :)

In this World, there is things without explanation :)

10:37 AM Aug 20 2008 |

pink angel

pink angel

Saudi Arabia

i really believe in  ghost  existance , i have one of my relative who have a ghost who is living  with them but they are not hurting them at all 

11:40 AM Aug 20 2008 |

tony willion


i believe. actually,have one kind of power in our body ,when it turns low and u meet every unlucky thing ,same time u are frastrated by bad /u hide it by youself' inside! like lose the lover in the word,and u want to die,that time u meet the ghost in case,u will be in trouble.

11:58 AM Aug 20 2008 |


Hong Kong

how much i wish that i don't believe in it…
but the fact is… i'm sometimes so scared,
just because i think there're maybe ghosts aroundSealed

01:34 PM Aug 20 2008 |