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Do you believe that ghosts exist in our world ???


Viet Nam

Hi, all members here!

Although I'm quite adult (26 years old) and sometimes I was please, healthy but sometimes I got goose-pimples standing alone in the dark and feeling not sure,  I've never found out the reasonable scientific evidences which affirmed that ghosts exist in our world or do not. Since I was a very young I've hear and read, watch many stories, films, documents about ghosts but I've never seen a ghost indeed. But I'm not sure if ghosts are existent.

Have you ever seen a ghost? Do you believe that ghosts are existent in our world? Please tell me about your experience and your thoughts about ghosts.

Thank you!

Have fun! Tongue out

09:52 AM Oct 03 2006 |

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I can' t believe ghosts. I think ghosts is illusion. ghosts was created by our brain.

06:44 AM Dec 16 2008 |