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Life Talk!

Competetion or cooopration ....




The whole way of living our life is of competetion,which is the main cause of creating  eneminess in our life ,everyone is standing in the path of the other…. & we go on searching friend…caring person …. for whole of the life… but most of us don't find…..

can't we change the way of our life…by supporting the other.. by helping… by cooprating…

I feel the life can be different… what do you feel…?

05:18 PM Feb 24 2008 |

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Dear Hakimi,

As you know I am a mad man,I think too much uselessly but I just can't stop it,I have decided many a times not to think any more & again something woders me…

I feel that 80% of our energy is consumed in just preparing for war,can't humanity understand this foolishness & become creative… we can do certainly that energy in service of humanity… we can cange the whole landscape of the earth.. but it's not possible just due to our egos.. our relgions our politcs.. our fears.. & we are contineously incresing animalness in ourselves….


01:34 AM Feb 26 2008 |



Dear Gkissberth,
Competetion with others is healthy only upto our honesty & creativty, we lose the dimnision when we lose fairness, then it becomes a war..

01:38 AM Feb 26 2008 |



Dear Xenoquy,

I totally disagree with you,It means you are totally a toy in the hands of others.. where is your indivduality… where are you.. one should do what he likes & no one should allow himself to fall like a toy in the hands of others… & from where the chain of negativity will break…?one should act according to his own choice. ... What you call a golden rule is a black spot in our life.

04:10 PM Feb 26 2008 |




04:10 PM Feb 26 2008 |



North Korea

All creatures intend to be cooperative. I think that is the universal law. And competition can not exist without cooperation.  

For instance, lion should be stronger than its prey so that it can continue to be alive. The lion should win against its prey in the competitive food chain. Zebra, in turn, should be smarter and faster than its hunters like the lion, so that it can continue to survive from being hunted and eaten.


In the ancient time, people did the same thing. That is why human beings have existed since the beginning of the world. Remember that if they didn’t do that, we are not here and now.


In the present, we are asked to be competitive for having better life. What is the better life? It is very difficult for me to find the better life in the 21st human society.


However, there is greater than being competitive. For instance, without the prey, the lion can not be alive. I need my competitors in order to upgrade myself. We have competitors. We live together with our competitors in the cooperative relationship.


Without cooperative relationship, we can not continue to survive in this world. Likewise, if we have only the competitive mind, we can not survive in this world for there is no peace.


For example, some people fight against their enemy with only competitive mind and without cooperative mind. Let’s think. Who will be the real winner? I think all of them could be losers. Have a look at the best example of the World War II. Germany and Japan during the time, made the terrible historical mistake. Which won? They were defeated.


Thus, it is dangerous to have competitive mind unless the mind aims the cooperative relationship with others.

04:14 AM Feb 27 2008 |




sometimes we need enemy to exercise our survival. may be extreme, but it’s naturally in my life I have the competitor always, either healthy competitor or bad one, become positive impact for me, and I do not overcome even make me giant. For stressing, I never seek enemy. (but, when I get the enemy that carry the gun, must be I’ll run fearfully.

08:47 AM Feb 27 2008 |



Dear Ttr100,

Thanks for your very kind cotribution,it's really meaningful& true.In the whole of existence there is hamony…. every dimension of life depends upon the other…there is complete harmony & there is also the priciple of survival of the fittest.. All is very true & perfect & working well.

But in case of human,we have to be very carefull while reaching some conclusion.It seems that whole of the devellopment that has taken place is just due to the reason of copetetion… it's not totally true..because it was not the target.. fights & copetetion are not the targets of human but these were the means… human wanted to ease his life.. I feel that all the wars faught,were faught in  the name of peace.so the target was not devellopment but it was a byproduct of it.Human wanted safety from natural disastours too..

What I intend to say here is that we are wasting a lot of energy in just preparing to kill humans… so how can be we safe…?

T he energy consumed in fights can be utalised for creative purposes & we can make the life more easier.. now when we are so intelligent..we should use our resources intelligently…

The situation is like of 'traffic jam'where everybody is standing in the way of the other & nobody is redy to give the way to other just because everyone wants to pass through the way  first..just a little understanding & we can become helpfull to the whole universe..


05:52 PM Feb 27 2008 |




12:32 AM Jun 06 2008 |

little elephant

United States

Competetion and cooperation have many in common. whether two ppl compete ,cooperate or both of them, they all are based on the same interests and intentions.

Competetion and cooperation are merely the two different ways to realize the same intentions.

11:03 AM Jun 06 2008 |



We are in a world when only the strong people can survive. There´s no time to feel empathy for others and we arent´allowed to have or feel weakness.

I believe in cooperation, but sometimes people likes to play as a victims all their life and they don´t do anything to go out of this vicious circle. They expect that only showing their hand somebody will come and give them food, help, asistance, etc. Usually they abuse of the good intentations of good-hearted people.

10:28 PM Jun 06 2008 |