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Competetion or cooopration ....




The whole way of living our life is of competetion,which is the main cause of creating  eneminess in our life ,everyone is standing in the path of the other…. & we go on searching friend…caring person …. for whole of the life… but most of us don't find…..

can't we change the way of our life…by supporting the other.. by helping… by cooprating…

I feel the life can be different… what do you feel…?

05:18 PM Feb 24 2008 |

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Competetion and coorporation are co-existed. No competition we won't know our limits and make no efforts for impovement be it at work or survival. In an organization, we constantly challege each other, we complete to get the best out of it. We also need cooperation as no one can accomplish his mission alone. Cooperation not necessary we have to buy in but we cooperate for something which is good for everybody, common goal etc   

03:50 AM Jun 07 2008 |




we should compete with ourselves and  do our best. we shouldn't emitate. i believe in the idea of the superman in the way that there are unexplored areas and un used capacities inside us.however, every human  should cooperate with others to make the world better. the most important  isn't who is the best but can all of us  do better . we have to find solutions to conflicts not to create them. 

02:44 PM Jun 07 2008 |