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Life Talk!

There are so many native speakers on ebaby!



Russian Federation

Native speakers,

what attracts you to this site?  Wink

08:47 PM Feb 26 2008 |

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Russian Federation

In fact I have a doubt about Nu Pogodi ;)))))

He has a russian nickname and sometimes he is like a thorn

All Russians are thorns…. national trait))

09:11 PM Feb 26 2008 |




I think it's terrific that we have the help of native speakers like gkissberth and nupogodi, and I love MarkChina's incisive coments.


10:44 PM Feb 26 2008 |



Russian Federation

Thank you for answer Blakerieqer.

I hope you ll find many straight-dark-haired Chinese with high IQ here!

08:15 AM Feb 27 2008 |


Hong Kong

Hi all

i m new in this forum although i had signed up a long time ago.

I wanted to improve my English. but dont know how.

i was so upset when i got back my assignment for the subject Business organization from the tutor. His comments for me is the poor grammer is a serious problems .

Hi Blakerieger

you didnt find any chinese friends in China when you were in China last time ? Why is that ? Embarassed

08:52 AM Feb 27 2008 |



I came to this site when I was looking for something my students could use to practice their English. I ended up answering a few questions about grammar and started corresponding with some nice people. So I stayed. 

09:11 AM Feb 28 2008 |



Russian Federation

and sometimes he is like a thorn
And what do you mean by that?
Is that what I think it means?

Sorry I have a great problems with understanding on this site.. and to say the true I dont know what You think it means.

What do you think attracts us to this site? Wink
I was ill with this site for 2 days. I read and read… but today I am overheated. With large effort force myself to write. Maybe it is a language barrier or maybe I am too emotional and not compromising… I am so angry that cant say everything I can say in Russian!!!!!!!!! And I found I absolutely dont understand Asiatic and theirs reaction. And it was awful day and I have 4 hours to sleep… and… and…

and i wanted to say something….
I dont know what are you doing here. There are many people who cant say what they want to say (like me). A lot of angels who never lie and would give theirs million dollars to hungry people and animals. There are many turks who says dirties. ...But this or that game is very good… So… so think I have to go sleep now…. Good night.

12:23 AM Feb 29 2008 |


Christmas Island

Glad to meet u .I really want to talk to u about this matter.U know every country has a cuture and lifestyle.so it's difficult to understand and master all.Why is English chosen as international language?what  do u think about countries which hasn't private language.so boring!if u have the same goals and wanna discuss this problem.My Y!M:

03:45 AM Feb 29 2008 |




Believe it or not, cultural exchange is very interesting. We are just as interested in you as you are in us. I think everyone will find we have much more in common than how we differ.

08:06 PM Feb 29 2008 |




welcome to china,BlakerieqerWink

10:44 AM Mar 01 2008 |


United States

meet other people Cool

06:07 PM May 28 2008 |