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Life Talk!




Syrian Arab Republic

i had heard that Love relates with a pain,and it often ends with tears and disappointment.. because as a trinity( Love,sex, severity) the love is unable to be as a basis of marriage..

we need Mercy to get a good marriage, cuz Mercy necessarily contains a Love, but Love doesn't contains a Mercy..

is that right???!!!!

08:45 PM Feb 28 2008 |

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Dear NabilaSh,

Congrates for beautiful caring of heart.All of us are carrying our own dictionaries.. every one has his own meanings & it's not the fult of human… actually language is man made & no word has his existential meaning… we have to put meaning to words… we don't live in a single world.. here everyone has his own world… when we talk.. the meaning of words doesn't travell with words,it depends upon the hearer what meaning he understands.

The word 'Love' has many layers inside of it… compassion or mercy are the highest attitudes of the love… & word 'love in general represents only lust… which is certainly has no depth & is the cause of miseries… here  we can share only words..

The style  or tone of words put meaning… you know when we talk with child who don't understand language…. the whole depends upon our tone…

I feel marriage happened between two egoless persons is the marriage of highest standrds.Only egoless person knows the real meaning of 'love' or you can say mercy or compassion.

02:37 AM Feb 29 2008 |




Hi! NabilaSH.. With all due respect, I strongly disagree to what you have said. You cannot be merciful to someone who you don’t love.

04:44 AM Feb 29 2008 |




My Dear NabilaSh,
    I can't help to say you are quite wrong about sentiment.
    Love is one thing,mercy is another.They are different matters. Love is an extraneous concept.We,
Chinese,usually won't take it to describe the feeling between lovers for realizing that love actually is only a passion.
   The passion will faded away gradually, and that's the reason why the lover will separate when
passion is not existed anymore.
   But the sentiment is a kind of constant giving,expecting nothing in return. I only know the
reason for it to take place, but having no idea for the reason why. That's one of the most
mysterious places of love.

The above is my opinion about love.

07:10 AM Feb 29 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic

Dev , I knew that you will understand what I meant..

Fathma, Thank you for your words , in generally you are right..

Leia  14, I hadn't meant that we should to be merciful to someone we don't love..

 By the way, I mean Love is less without mercy.. all of us are an able to love ,but a little of us are an able to mercy.. i think we should to change our idea about love ,that make us to think only in our body passivity's.. 

our souls need more.. our life with the lover need to continue…

we often heard about stories of love that go on to be stories failing.. why ??

I think the feeling of love is the first step into eternal relationship of love .. under a cover of mercy.. but we always should to go on to next steps…

08:10 PM Mar 01 2008 |



United States

I am a little confuse here, do you mean love does not involve mercy and if so, love would be more wonderful to have? and if you show mercy for love, then love would lead to failure?

08:32 PM Mar 01 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic

no , we just need to Completes the relationship of love to continue it..

 of caurse i am with Love, but don't forget that we often loss this relation in the middle of the way .. i ask you all :

think why ????

and i think that we need the mercy …   

it's just my opinion..

09:05 PM Mar 01 2008 |