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Life Talk!

Love is Love



you know what is love I tell you just in view lines then you
write me your comments…..
Love is Life and Love is Forever
Love is Reality and Love is Mirror
Love is Friendship and Love is Promise
Love is Success and Love is Sacrifice
Love is Worship and Love is Pray

08:45 AM Mar 03 2008 |

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Viet Nam

umm man….u have your foundations…i have my own foundations…and i found they r showed logically….and by the way…u may still not experience LOve…or luckily u r experiencing LOve…but at last u still not go to the end….r u a good prophet?...i hope so…

And let check onemore time about my comment..all were just jokes…take it easy…

And about suport or not to your opinion…i have no idea…lets taste it then leave a comment later…

10:01 AM Mar 09 2008 |



Viet Nam

what a bad deduction is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nu Pogodi

okokokokokokokokok men…LOVE is EVERYTHING.


02:09 AM Mar 10 2008 |



TO LOVE <blitzkrieq>:)

Love is love!

When you love you catch the sun behind clouds.So love is the sun which is shining all the time and untill you love someone the sun will never go out.

Love give us wings..when we fall in love we can fly 

when we fall in love everything is better…

"everything sounds better
 everything looks brighter
 everything tastes better
 everything you do feels better.."

07:20 PM Mar 10 2008 |




Love is eternity… Love is everything but we all must find for real love.

07:24 PM Mar 10 2008 |




love is not quarrel in a family

01:59 PM May 05 2008 |

Latoria Jackson

American Samoa

In my experience love is sacrifice and love is forever.You can run away or hide from love but it is always ther no matter what….LOVE IS PAIN & PAIN IS LOVE!!!!!!you can be hurt by the one you love a million times but that love will still be there and never go away…..

02:33 PM May 05 2008 |




love life

06:50 PM Jul 30 2008 |



Love is to have romance with life.

Love is to paint a canvas of life.

Love is to music on the strings of life.

Love is to celebrate each moment of life.

Love is blessing of God,everyone has chance to love, so live to love.

03:04 AM Jul 31 2008 |




Love is love… there is no ideal type of "Love" If you ask waht the definition of love is ; it is just that love. There is nothing bigger than it, because LOVE is the greatest emotion there is. If you think that your love is roblematic or questionable know that is not true! But if ever love is absent from your life, all the insignificant problems may suddenly seem unbearably burdensome. That's because you are not in love.


02:44 AM Aug 21 2008 |



love is smile from heart

love is silence betwen the one you loved,but you can understood each others' meaning.

love is the sight

love is keep …

don't kown how to say…

love is not a film

12:32 PM Aug 21 2008 |