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Life Talk!

could you pls help me to pass my interview



Saudi Arabia

hello everybody

next week i have an interview in famous company in my country

could you tell me what expected questions and what i should do to pass it ?

any body has expereince about this concern?

than you

11:27 PM Mar 04 2008 |

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1. Research on the company you are applying to (the interviewer might ask, “how did you come to know this company?”)
2. Prepare yourself by dressing appropriately. ( a good pair of slacks, suit and tie will definitely be appropriate)
3. Shake the hand of the interviewer.
4. Be confident but not too confident (don’t be nervous)
5. Do not use the word “HONESTLY” because it might mean that you have been lying at the beginning.
6. Practice speaking in front of the mirror.
8. Don’t forget to smile during the interview. A smile gives value to your face.
7. Prepare to answer these questions:
* Why should we hire you? * What can you offer to the company? * What are your strong and weak points? * Why do you apply in this company? * How long do you see your self working in this company? * How do you see your self ten years from now? * What are your short and long term goals?
I hope these tips would help you during the interview. Goodluck!!!!!!!!

05:37 AM Mar 05 2008 |