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Well, this post is for Chinese people.

Lately I realized that you're almost the half of the world population, so I have some questions that I would like to know about you.

do you think that living in china is great?

What do you think about your government?

According to what I have read, China will become the most powerful country in less than 10 years, even more powerful than US, so what do you think about this?

What do you think about wars??? Do you agree with North Korea that is testing nuclear bombs?

Well, that's all by now, but I still have other questions that I'd like to ask you, thanks in advance. 

06:51 PM Oct 19 2006 |

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Some thing for Jiangly

Hi, Jiangly sorry I’m totally disagree with you, those reasons make me have this opinion can be summarized as follows:

On the top of the list, films are only a very narrow view about a country. For those foreigners living in other country they may also notice some nice cities in China like Suzhou, Hanzhou, etc. If you ever in Tibet, you will found out that you can never found any other place can have such a blue sky. As coin have two sides, please don’t just focus in one side of our country. On the other hand please don’t just focus in the other side of other countries.

Further more, in here I really like asking you a question. Did you ever listen our leader’s speech seriously? Or in another word, do you really know what our government want to do next? You don’t know, right? That is the reason why our leader repeating those words so many times. Please don’t only like those speech “like a song”.

Last but not the least: right now you are a college student so I think you birth maybe after 1985. I birth in 1982 and I was finished my college study 4 years ago. When I was young my teacher just tell me how good the communism is, but nobody tell me how evil the USA is. If you know the Chinese history after 1978, then you will found out that form 1978 to 1990 is the so call honeymoon time between China and US. That’s because they have the same enemy the Soviet Union, so I really don’t think when you are a kid your teacher will tell you USA is an evil country. And for you words about we can’t see any words against the Party, most Chinese people don’t have any believe and the moral standard is lower. For the first part I don’t want to say anything but it’s better than 10 years before and I think it will be better and better in the future. For the other two parts, in my personal view point most Chinese people have their own believe but most of they can not thinking independently.

02:57 AM Nov 15 2006 |




I am thinking what Jiangly really wanted to say is 'most of Chinese ppl don't have a religion', as it would be a big joke if it is true that most of Chinese ppl do not have a belief.  Well, yes, there are lots of Buddhists in China, and I know many are are Christian too.  Sure, considering the huge population in China, you are right, most of us do not have religion, but it does not mean we do not have moral standards, we do not have a good heart and we are not nice ppl. W.Bush absolutely has a religion, but it did not stop him from sending his arm forces to Iraq.  Period.

07:18 AM Nov 15 2006 |




ok,maybe my sayings was somewhat childlike but it's my true feeling.I've never been to such beautiful cities like SUZHOU or place like Tibet.I know them just through TV or other Media.what I know is the place i've ever been.

I grown up in a small village,after the age of 15 our family moved to the city of Tianjin.My father once told me when he was young there was some wild animals that could never seen now, even when i was young there is some wild animals which had never seen when some years later.and some small rivers had disspeared some lakes became dry.IF someone tell me how beautiful  some place is ,honestly i'll be glad to hear that but all the place i see is get worse!

It is true i don't always know what our goverment is doing or what are they going to do next?how can i know that ?how can it affect my life?I never felt! SO,i concentre my intention to the voice or speech they say everyday.

AND, in CHINA,How can u imagine when u can get on a PORN website at ur will but a Christian website not.  www.chinasoul.org u can try if u don't believe me.And many Taiwan website either.So i have a feeling that we just know what our goverment want us to know!

Do u really think everyting is so good or don't want to say bad things to foreigners?

09:52 PM Nov 15 2006 |




Jiangly, we have the same opinion.

04:13 AM Nov 17 2006 |



I think live in China is very gueat!And China is very interesting!

12:35 PM Nov 17 2006 |




What a interesting point of views.

I know it's really hard for all to agree, there are several reasons to affect us in many ways. A person can only talk about their experience that's why (s)he can never be completely right.

I have read about the censure that China applies to Inet, movies and general media, I don't know if it is a good form to avoid all the bad stuff that those mediums can bring, but I have always thought that one person should have the right of choosing what to do, to see and/or to listen.

Well, here are other questions, how many hours do you work? per day and week. What do you do at weekends?

Cheers, c'mon never give up, always remember life can only be lived once, don't waste it 

04:16 PM Nov 17 2006 |