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Why do you think donuts have hole in the middle?




I’ve been asking this question since childhood. Can somebody help me find the answer: “Why do you think donuts have hole in the middle?”

03:08 AM Mar 05 2008 |

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jam is inserted into round sweets using a container with a pointed cover.
I have a question too: “How would you describe red to blind person since birth?”

05:10 AM Mar 05 2008 |




Since he/she cannot see, he/she doesn’t have any idea of how it looks like. And even though you’ve tried to explain everything to him/her about being red, he/she still will not get it. So better tell him/her what red symbolizes. Example: Red symbolizes courage and love.

05:15 AM Mar 05 2008 |



Sri Lanka

Ohhh, perhaps when a food item like this is cooked in the form of a ring, there is a lot more area on the outside that is nice and crisp, while the middle will be cooked just right. Difficult to do that if the dough is just in one lump. There is a similar looking food item made by the South Indians, Ulundu Vadai. A Vadai is a fried savory (non sweet) item.

07:00 AM Mar 05 2008 |


United States

Kanobi, Do you have any ideahow twisted this subject could get if people provided slightly different versions of your suggested answer :) HAHAHA!

Can you say "Enticement"?

01:21 PM Jun 22 2008 |




this reminds me of my little brother's question.who can win in a fight an ant or an elephant. can you answer him?Laughing

02:29 PM Jun 23 2008 |




First, if there isn’t a hole in the middle, we couldn’t call it donat, but donal! LOL…! Second, i think not all donat has a hole, there are many various style right now!

03:20 PM Jun 23 2008 |


Syrian Arab Republic

donut = do and not

do in the eadges

not in the midle

:...so easy

09:30 PM Jul 08 2008 |