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Life Talk!

Communication problem with men!



Being a woman, I often wonder what goes on in a man's head. Sometimes they're so lovable, sometimes they hurt, sometimes they're so understanding and sometimes so proud. They never show their emotions and don;t talk much. How do we communicate when they're so complex? Png me your formulas…...

10:32 AM Mar 07 2008 |

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I think you need to know all men are exactly the same thing, they don’t have worries, they don’t have to care about nothing, but women do.
Men don’t have any idea what’s hard for us. They can be nice to you or pretend to be it. But, you never know, maybe he’s just cheating or maybe he really likes you, but how do you know that? I mean, we always fell in love with sb., and turns out he isn’t the person you though he was. They all are liers!!!

11:05 PM Mar 09 2008 |




hi purple,

well men are naturally born like that. we all know that men tend to keep their mouth shut. not showy about their real emotions. just talk to them straight and say anything that bothers you. 

and ms vanessacontreras;

they don’t have to care about nothing, but women do. 
 how come you say that? if you're married of course they care  about your family. men are the  provider ;)

and y'know women cheats too .. dont blamed to all men if ur relationship doesnt work. like the saying "it takes two to tango" 

They all are liers!!!

i think.. women lies too?! sometimes.. ;) 


05:00 AM Mar 10 2008 |



Thanks guys for pitching in your ideas…....

Vanessa….. Man do lie…. not just a little but a lot i think…... But lets get over them and learn to co-exist.

Yana..Hi! you're sweet.

Blitz.. You're the only one brave enuff to talk about htis issue!

Kudos to you ….. and well you seem to think women misunderstands men… While i feelits men who do that, anyways it was fun reading your entry and luckily…. I'm a good one at listening. So keeping my fingers crossed!


09:59 AM Mar 10 2008 |



lolz:-) Kana…. Good one there!! It's helping already.



06:11 AM Mar 11 2008 |




give him a sweet smiling. look at his eyes deeply, and wait a moment. he will become like a kid. 

07:10 AM Mar 11 2008 |



I guess JoePuding is right when he said everybody should respect each other…..

Its just a word but covers a whole lot more…....

It would mean a lot if this world stop discriminating us on the basis of sex and give us equal right and freedom. Coz we were born as equals… and when there's equality I'm sure respect will follow and thats how we can wind up in understanding each other!

08:26 AM Mar 11 2008 |



yeah, you're so right purple

12:46 PM Mar 11 2008 |



Gee… got nothing else to say!

Anyways "A big thank you to all!!"

09:25 AM Mar 12 2008 |