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Life Talk!

What is the most important and valuable thing you want to pursue during this life?



Hello Everyone:

This is my first poster here. As the life for everyone is very limited. Could you please tell me what is the most valuable and treasurable things you think should be after by u during your life?


12:20 PM Oct 31 2006 |

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Hi,If you ask me what is the important in my life,I think we don't be limited by the time so that we don't do what we want, and the improtant ones that I think it is the comunicate with my friends and relatives,the other hand I think the knowledge preserved is improtant too.

when you face a lot of trouble and annoyances , you don't feel pressure, you can lighten up because you have a great number of pretty friends and relatives.when you encounter a question in your work,you can work out it for your knowledges.

My english is very poor,so I can't account for what you want in a clear way

04:00 AM Nov 03 2006 |



Hi Riddick, thank you for sharing your opinions. I do agree that communicate with relatives and friends can give you some precious advice when you encounter some difficulties. However, what i want to ask is what you want to get or gain during this life for example: millions of dollars, famous reputation, knowledge as you mentioneds etc.

 Hope this make good sense.


08:57 AM Nov 03 2006 |



The ancient China have a sentens:Money is not everthing,but you can not do anything without it.So I think the money and the reputation is important and useful in some case,but they are not the most important in one's life I think.

good luck to you,wish you can get  the most important things in your life.

01:39 PM Nov 03 2006 |