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New Forum Rules



Imagine that you are now in charge of the Ebaby forums. Are there any rules you would put in place to improve or change the experience here?


06:19 PM Mar 16 2008 |

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Racism, mocking, gossiping, posting words that would hurt others feelings should not be allowed.

03:51 AM Mar 18 2008 |




I think as long as our opinion for one forum just given in that forum only (not to others forum or unrelevant topic) it's Ok!! But of course not in rude words. 

gkisseberth: Did I hurt U in other forum (Godbless America)? what I said in that forum just my opinion about your government's policy, not for american person, and my opinion is my own, not on behalf of all Indonesia people or my government.I hope U got what I mean. Smile

03:59 AM Mar 18 2008 |




I agree with owendavis33. If we disagree with some opinions, should post polite words and becareful about religion, culture and political.don't decide that your opinions is the best. It's may correct and may incorrect.  And I think the most important I wish in this web is the native speakers and a person who good in English should help their friends correct the wrong words or grammar sentences.Smile

06:11 AM Mar 18 2008 |




wow…shardzy..U're really a wise guy!! So polite…Laughing

08:09 AM Mar 18 2008 |