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Life Talk!

Do you agree or disagree??


United Arab Emirates

DO you agree or disagree tha people should do military survice or community service after finishing their high school??

say why you do agree / or disagree??

06:32 AM Mar 24 2008 |

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I agree so!

I  think it is responsibility to defend everyone's mother country.

and to keep peace is also a very  meaningful thing!

07:33 AM Mar 24 2008 |




I'm not agree because people can be more useful if they work with their profession.

In case of war they can also fight, but at peace time It's not necessary to have big army. 

01:26 PM Mar 24 2008 |



I agree. but not for war preparations. Instead,  younsters should take military service for experience. It should be a chance for young people to form a strong will and persistence.

01:45 PM Mar 24 2008 |



I disagree. Mandatory service of any kind goes against all concepts of freedom. 

There are many positives to choosing to serve in the military or serve your community, but it should be a choice and not a compulsion.  

03:06 PM Mar 24 2008 |



in fact,in China,we needn’t do military service after high education. now there are a huge population in China,so every year,a lot of yound people join the Chinese military of their own accord and there are enough soldiers in China.in fact,I don’t like the life in military because you can’t do many things as you like.in many cases,you can find freedom.all kinds of rules fill your life and you shall obey all of them without any condition. afreedom angel.I think I am a person like you.I like freedom too.my favourate thing is travelling.I want to go everywhere freely and communicate with different people with different background.I don’t want to stay in one place for to long. so I think I can fit the life in military.

03:48 PM Mar 24 2008 |

fanni szabo


I disagree. Not their military service is, what can make young people to be "better" adults.

05:31 PM Mar 24 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

thanks guys for your opinions in this matter

for me I totaly agree that people especially students after finishing their high school to do a community service thats will give them a big chance to learn so many things like some skills and how to deal with people and stuffs will give them the chance to deal and face their life in future … and wee see how this life is not that easy :)

05:50 PM Mar 24 2008 |



I agree because military service doesn't only make men strong but it teaches them self reliance, and many other things

09:53 PM Mar 24 2008 |



Whose military are those about, Hakimi?

10:45 PM Mar 24 2008 |




If humanity matured to the level of coopration,there shall be no need of miltary forces.no public of any country has eneminess,but politcal people who govern the the people put them to fights… single human is not so dangerous but when it becomes a force ,it becomes very dangerous or can become productive… but we are competetive in productivity also… so we have learnt the ways of fights alone…may be in the name of country or in the name of religion… Public becomes fool in the hands of governments ,who use as force to destroy others & hence need defence too to save themselves.

But now there is a hope that public can understand the games of politicians & become aware of use of it.

I don't feel necessaty of miltary ,so no need to join it.tThere are so many ways to leaarn discipline,working togetherness… by becoming creative also..  

10:58 PM Mar 24 2008 |