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Life Talk!

public transportation>>> owned by people!!


United Arab Emirates

Do agree or disagree that the public transportation should owned by the goverment to have the good service and the profit and people can not owned the public transportation e.g. someone drives a taxi and its owned by the goverment not him/her!!

say why and lets discuss it  ?:)


06:36 AM Mar 24 2008 |

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I disagree. I believe that transportation, like almost all ventures will be more efficient and more cost effective when owned by individuals or companies. 

Private enterprises are much more responsive to market forces than governments.  

03:38 PM Mar 24 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

yes you could be right but don't you think that some individuls totaly depend on this ( public transportation) like it is what they get for living and with the control of the gov , they may not take their right completely !!


05:56 PM Mar 24 2008 |



If you mean someone like a taxi driver or the owner or employees of a bus company, I believe that they will be more successful without government control. 


You could logically apply your argument to all sectors of the economy and say that the government should control them also, to make sure people earn enough money to live.


If you agree that allowing the free market to rule in other sectors is better, then why not in transportation? 

06:12 PM Mar 24 2008 |