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what do you think about TURKEY and TURKISH PEOPLE...??




turkish people are very brave and turkey is one of the pest place to live in the world…peacifull….i think what do u think…:)

09:07 PM Mar 30 2008 |

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I just know about Turkey people, a part is secularism, and other is good moslem or other religions.Then, hm..They (but not at all) is more proud being  a part of Europe than a part of middle east..But this is just my opinion, and tell me if it's wrong!!. 

Anyway..I also know that turkish Girl is very beautiful..like Aisha (he..he..this's name of a good turkish' girl  in the best seller Novel in my country right now..Laughing )

01:07 AM Mar 31 2008 |



United States

Turkish women are very beautiful. Actually, Turkish men are probably good looking too, but I don't notice them, hah. Turkish food is very delicious.

Anatolia was part of the West for a very long time, up until the 12-14th centuries. So in part, Turkey is Western. 

04:24 AM Apr 07 2008 |

Jane Doe

Jane Doe


I like the fact that many turkish are open minded..plus it's a beautiful country for sure.

mmm I think their people are good looking ^^ 

06:59 PM Apr 07 2008 |




well..i was in Turkey!And i can say that Istanbul is only one place where u can normally live! Other cities like Antalya ..etc..they have money only in tourism season! And people there are working very hard, and all of them wanna working in tourism coz it's one place in this cities where u can have rather good salary! i saw where turkish people live in small cities and it was awful(it's small houses, which are very very old, windows are very small, and i think that even in some houses they haven't got beds)! Now about turkish people! About boys: all turkish boys have very high opinion about themselves! coz russian , ukrainian girls very like turkish guys coz they are really sexy! also turkish guys prefer  more russian girls than their own national girls!! About girls: i can'tsay that they are SO beautiful! In Ukraine there are more beautiful girls than in Turkey! And about Turkey at all – very nice county, especially  i Like Pammukkale! If u weren't there in the next time visit it and u won't regret!!!

07:32 PM Apr 07 2008 |




I know about Fenerbahce, it's a soccer team lead by the best soccer play ever ( Zico ).

And they got others Brazilian players , like Alex and Roberto Carlos.

And i'm  sure that Fener will win Chelsea in England and advance in the league!



07:57 PM Apr 07 2008 |



I like the turkish musik and the turkish folklor dances

For my opinion the turkish man are not nice at all.

07:07 PM Apr 12 2008 |

nazlı su



of Turkey and Ukraine at home is better .. Ukraine turkey is already much better .. climate, geography herşeyiyle is better .. quite wrong information .. Ukrainian girl I did not ask how that one .. Turkish men do not care for Turkish girl .. The only reason you prefer the Turkish men sex .. also that we do not care anyway .. of Turkey and Ukraine girls are more beautiful .. As in the above proof here aljensen friends .. I suggest you not to talk to you on this .. Turkey has all kinds of girls .. Ukrainian girls, pale skin and big nose! Shut up and just make comments about it .. oke?



02:06 PM May 30 2010 |




well i've seenturkey in photosand it's really beauty contry;)...

it has a lot of nice places.

about turkish people i can't talk about all of them because i've know some of them and at the beginning i really hate turkish boys , damn they were always bothering about stupid topicvs, i really though all of them were like them BUt NO, then i met nice people :) and girls.

so it's like all countries.. have good people and someones that are not nice ¬¬...

and yep boys haves so much ego :D

03:51 PM May 30 2010 |




I am from Sweden and I happen to know both your country Ukrania and Turkey. I have to admit that Turkey is far ahead Ukrania when it comes to economy, politeness of people, culture, nature and beauty.

When you go to shops in Ukrania you do not have as much choice as in Turkey, you do not have the right climate, your women prostitutes themselves (sorry to say this)  just for a pair of pants. Turkish women are proud, gracious, beautiful and with a lot of style.

Your balconies in Ukrania are rusty and falling down like your grey, boring buildings, you still see and feel the ex communist atmosphere every where. Many of you can hardly find food. And many of you ukranians are dreaming of a western man who can save you from your miserable lives. Also according to you ukraians having a westerner is like changing from an old russian car to a Mercedes of latest model.

 It is ridicoulus that you are comparing yourselves with Turkey and Turks which is one of the great economical (G-20) and strategical powers of the world.

Just wake up from your dream little ukranian woman!




05:27 PM Oct 16 2010 |

Whitney S

Whitney S



09:24 AM Oct 17 2010 |