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Why I don't want to join any religion...




My conscious doesn't allow me to join any of the religion because

1.Every relgion tells us to 'beleive'... no religion allow us to see with our own eyes.. stories are told how the universe was created,how the human was created .. all seems to be fitions just…

2.Every religion says that their scrptures are pure… they are as they were not corrupted… I feel that religion should be alive there should be provision to amend the religion… only alive things grow… any thing which don't grow is dead… & religion shouldn't be a dead thing…

3.We can interpret the scriptures as we like…scriptures don't say when we misinterpret any word.. so all depends upon interpreter…

4.Every religion says that his words are final revealation… many religions born after every final revealation…. I feel we can't predict future… there might be coming other Gods…other religions… how can we say that these are the final words..

5.Every religion tells us the way how to live life…. I feel every one has his own individuality & has the right to live his life as he likes…& every one lives according to his own ideas even after joining any of the religion… so religion becomes 'just a piece of decoration'... that's why there are so many problems… religion doesn't solve any problem… had religion the capacity to solve problems the problems would have been solved up to now… there are countries where people of only one religion lived… but there are differences too… so religion becomes just a piece of decoration….

6.Evry religion tells us to love & respect otheres… & every one on this earth has this or that religion but see the situation of our planet… justa land of haterednesss.. just groupism to fight with each other… If this is our religion we need to take care of us & we should keep away from the religions.. they are very dangerous…

7.We can't deny existence… It is full of mysteries… no science.. can explain …all explanations are just words of consolation… we can't express even the  taste of water .. which every human consumes every day… what to talk of other mysteries… I feel that… to be existential is the only religiousness… Live God… live existence… share with all… celebrate LIFE itself… celebrate living God.. share with alive humans… share with alive animals… be loving… be respectful to every individual… be kind to everyone… I feel this should be our religion… relgiouness is to followed not religions…..


02:04 AM Apr 03 2008 |

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Jane Doe

Jane Doe


why people with religion think that people don't have religion have to have one??

I just don't get it until now… am I being an outsider for never even think about it? lol.

07:01 PM Apr 07 2008 |

Jane Doe

Jane Doe


I know, I mean I attend Church too Blitz ;)

and I do believe in the bible.

But people make choice. I mean, what make people think they're good enough till they feel obligate to tell others what to do with their faith? it is better to deal with yourself first. like look in the mirror and think am I good enough already in faith?

for me, they choose their paths then be it.

and actually my question applied to the muslims who treated Dev like a disease.

just because they chose the different path doesn't mean that they're bad or evil. these kind of people that will considered as the bad one and evil and that will only proven what Dev had state.


09:48 PM Apr 07 2008 |



Saudi Arabia


just because they chose the different path doesn't mean that they're bad or evil ..


absolutely Jane ,, that's right

each person have the right to believe in what he think is true ..



11:31 PM Apr 07 2008 |


Christmas Island

you said every religion teached us to love or respect others.i think it's the most important.something about religions ,i can't agree with.beacuse that's only a story,equals to a assuming.

04:06 AM Apr 08 2008 |



Dear Markchina,

You feel that you are critcised more than me by Islamic people ,it is due to the fact that you compare religions & try to find out which religion is right or wrong,you favour one & stand against other but it is not in my case.I criticise the mechanism of religions & try to point out that religions don't have relgiousness,I criticise the way we are iniated to a religion.I feel that the same game is played by all religions where as you try to find weak points of Islam, this is the basic reason.  

10:53 PM Apr 09 2008 |




different with mark, I recommend to do to compare religions. not for find right or wrong, but innitialy, to "say hello" to religion. please note, we live in limitedness, many thinks beyond of our knowledge. may be one of them righter than our concept. look at many people move to another religion, I sure they had strong argument to pointed it. also I believe that evidence of GOD could be find in holy book, of course we must be read before try in implementation. we know, many theory (such as rule of newton, galileo, big bang, etc) already had been expressed by one of them, believe it or not. nothing the weakness, even there are many proof here that the religion (sure only one to be chosen) can make amazing the life.


02:48 AM Apr 10 2008 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi xenoguy, I think we shoud have aim and for reach it we shoud try hard and what is the basic rule?

12:42 PM Sep 10 2009 |




Ooh , this topic was very old before Dev announce he will be a muslim and perform prayers and he was happy with that , i remember a topic for him later talk about the meanings of theexpression " inshaallah" it was perfect.

01:18 PM Sep 10 2009 |



did he convert insallah?

01:38 PM Sep 10 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi hano202

which of islam branches is ur religion?

shia?sonna?or vahabi?

plz contact me

08:20 PM Nov 18 2013 |