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What do you think about Poland?




Many people think that poland is a country where people just drink smoke and steal, but these are just stereotypes. I would like to know what do people think about Poland in your coutry…. and what do you think ;)

12:25 PM Apr 10 2008 |

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in the US when I was growing up one stereotype of Poles was that they are very stupid, and this was the subject of many jokes. 

My impression of Polish people from the few that I have met, including my best friend, are that they are wonderful people. They have a long history of hardship, but I think that they are making tremendous progress in their country. It is one of the places that  most want to travel to and work in.  

03:59 PM Apr 10 2008 |



I think "Polish jokes" might be a uniquely American thing, Mark. I think they were primarily directed at Polish immigrants. The US had different waves of immigration, first from Western Europe, then a big wave from Eastern Europe, and at different times from Asia, etc.


Each of the groups tended to start out low on the social scale and subject to stereotypes and jokes of an ethnic nature. There were Irish jokes (drunk and always fighting) for example, and jokes about most other ethnic or national groups. Those kind of jokes usually tell you more about the teller than the subject.

02:12 AM Apr 11 2008 |



 i 'm not familiar with that country.

but in my opinion the must have many people who are very kindly in Poland… 

07:33 AM Apr 11 2008 |




I'm no expert in Polish culture. All I can think of is my Polish friend , a Polish movie (SAVIOUR'S SQUARE) I watched, and a Polish Fest. I went to once. 

i have a nice Polish friend. She talks very, very fast. I'm always saying "huh?" when she speaks… :D She does work very hard.

The Polish fest was fun. Dance, music, beer, food, what's not to like… i like potato pancake a lot…

I watch the movie, SAVIOUR'S SQUARE, in a international film fest in Feb. It was good, but very sad…

05:50 PM Apr 26 2008 |



I dont know very much about Poland, but the little I know is that Poland has been a country that has suffered many wars and problems, but It's a fighting country, besides people is very beautiful there, men and women…:)

08:23 PM Apr 26 2008 |



Poland is a very beautiful and quiet country despite all that travailed in the past. I visited Poland on November 2005 and couldn't believe my eyes on what i saw. Infact, warsaw is a city to be.I wish i can have a friend from Poland who can re-invite me to Poland. I'm here to let the world know that Poland is a country to beckon with.


06:47 PM Apr 27 2008 |



It's nice to read such nice opinions about Poland, especially when you are PolishLaughing.

08:03 PM Apr 27 2008 |



wow! even I don't have such a good opinion about polish people! all foreigners !! to be honest i'm shamed to talk in polish in a public places. because  i don't want anybody think..  oh an other polish (beep) who can't speak english :/ 

yes that what we are.. lazy.. how you can be in England and don't even try to speak english!

by the way thank everyone for all nice words about poland I  appreciate it :)

07:18 PM Oct 12 2010 |



United Kingdom

I was in Poland back in 2005. I went to see Krakow and Auschwitz.

It's a beautiful country with a very troubled and tragic history.


I wish it the best for the future.

09:42 PM Oct 12 2010 |




I know a couple of polish, all of them very cool people, I can't see anything negative to Poland

11:32 PM Oct 12 2010 |