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Life Talk!

living is a liar....




living is a liar…
it always make trouble for the people,
while it is create the dream …

living is a liar…
it always so changeable all the time ..
while the peopele want to catch it…

living is a liar…
we have so many reasons to reveal it .
while we are in the trouble;difficulty and failed…

but i believe that living is fair..
we can not impute all faults and wrongs to GOD
living always give the chance for everyone…
but remember that:
the success just for people who prepare it …..


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03:28 PM Apr 11 2008 |

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Jane Doe

Jane Doe


no living is not a liar nor complicated.

it is what human decided in his life that made life become so complicated. if there's trouble in your life don't blame your life but it might you had made a wrong decision. No, we are the one who creates our dream, not our life. we are the one who responsible to control our life. 

04:12 PM Apr 11 2008 |

abdou 123

abdou 123


100% with u jane doe


06:56 PM Apr 11 2008 |



United States

Eh, I kinda agree evanzhu.

11:01 PM Apr 11 2008 |




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03:07 PM Apr 15 2008 |