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Russian Federation


Nowadays we all buy some goods and services through Internet. I wonder what are the main criterion for you to use services this or that website? For example, criterion may be:

- good web design and availability,

- simplicity of instructions ( how to book and pay)


  company's backgroud 

- guest book ( visitor's opinions)

what makes you be sure that you'll get your services after a payment in advance?

All answers welcome!Smile You see, me and my friend are going to open a travel agency and now we're creating a website. We want it to be profitable and attractive for clients.



11:38 AM Apr 14 2008 |

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Saudi Arabia

until now

I did not use internet to buy some thing ?   hope other did , so they can tell you there opinion about the service they would like to have

wish  you the best dear

good luck Wink

11:46 AM Apr 14 2008 |