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Life Talk!

why people work?



i awalys dream that having enough money so that i don't have to go  to work hard /

it seem that money is the only incentive to work, what 's your opinion on money and  work ?



09:40 AM Nov 27 2006 |

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Joy Liu

Joy Liu

United Kingdom

No money, no honey! But if you only work for money, it would be quite boring. For me, work is something i must do to get accepted by the society. I am always ewarded by accomplishment which really worth the effort. I think the most important things is are you live for work or work for life.

01:47 PM Nov 27 2006 |



although i believe that you can make a living by  what you get ,and make life by what you give. however money is always the most improtant reason for many people why fo to work hard/

02:33 PM Nov 27 2006 |



A lot of people in world work for the earn money. Money is basic requirment of my life, I am not want to say that money is basic requirment, but if you have money can can fulfill your basic requirment. And I you have more and more mony can can lives as more comfertable and luxeries life. thats why all those work hard.

04:01 PM Nov 27 2006 |



I think one purpose for people to work is to make money,another purpose is to join the society ,to communicate with people.sometimes money decides  the kind of job .if we work not for money we can do many things we want to do .but for money we have to do the job we don't like.so one of my dream is to do what i want to do someday

01:17 AM Nov 28 2006 |




Good morning,

I work, because

- it is my education, to be not lazy

- I need to be independent from my partner and the state system

- I had learned a lot at school, university and during my Life, why not use it? It would be a wasting.

- if I would not work, normally I would stay at home during the day. No communication. social life – terrible.

- no work – no money.

- as I was young, I decided that my hobby – writing – should be my job. So I did erverything what was needed, to realize that. My job is my passion.

I could go on and on … There are a lots of reasons.

Have a nice day all over the world.

04:40 AM Nov 30 2006 |



I work for the reason that I want to prove myself.I am same as others.

07:51 AM Nov 30 2006 |


Viet Nam

Bravo Tabetha !! Your opinion is good and i’m totally agree with you . All people in the world need work. No work we haven’t many things else . I think we work to know the meaning of our life .Am i right ?

10:37 AM Nov 30 2006 |




    to me ,money is ok to be enough,but if i was given extra money i may be joyful too,u know with money we can do many things,but it doesnot mean everything to me.

   i am a lazy person and once dreaming of staying at home but having enough money to use,but it is just a dream.i sometimes think about the meaning of living,and doing job comes as an essential part,we must work for ourselves and for our loved ones ,we need to work to fullfil ourselves and make change of our life.

  ok,it is just  my opinion.wish every one a happy day!

04:00 PM Nov 30 2006 |




Hello Crystal,

if it is the meaning, the reason of our life, I don´t know. But it is a big part, and it is not the worth part of it, isn´t it? A good combination of work, to earn money, and to have time, to be lazy and to spend the earned money – that´s it :- )

I hope, you all have a job and also enough time to share with your family.

Have a nice day all over the world.

05:42 PM Nov 30 2006 |


United States

as far as i m concerned i work to be free in my life.

it s good to work to have money but it s better when you have passion on what you re doing.

i worked in order to be respect in our new society and in anyone life you could not have success without working hard.

i like money and have a good life i want to be able to satisfy my needs work hard is the only key

thanks everybody and sorry for my english


07:53 PM Nov 30 2006 |