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Life Talk!

why people work?



i awalys dream that having enough money so that i don't have to go  to work hard /

it seem that money is the only incentive to work, what 's your opinion on money and  work ?



09:40 AM Nov 27 2006 |

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no money no MARTINI , no MARTINI no party Laughing if  hevent  works and even if there was a lot of money it would be boring

01:02 PM Dec 19 2006 |



we work because this way we interact with other people, because since the oldest times man has learned to work and invent things to make life better, we make money because this capitalist society that we live in needs us to sell our labor, while they pay us low salaries they rip the benefits of our work selling expensive products to ourselves because we need to buy clothes and food and other necesary things to live, this is my opinion

11:02 AM Dec 28 2006 |


United Arab Emirates

People work for money and make them alive. anybody without work mean person without life, useless and without money 

02:11 PM Mar 20 2008 |



United Kingdom

In my opinion, there is two kind of people,

who work to earn their living, and  who live only for working!

ask yourself, wich kind you are?

04:32 PM Mar 20 2008 |



In my opinion people work hard to continue their life. Conditions of nowadays require that. This isn’t people’s choise….

05:06 PM Mar 20 2008 |



no se ingles

07:49 PM Mar 26 2008 |



The work should be a way for everyone to acomplish the personal development, unfortunately, as Michael says, most of the people hafta work in jobs with the lowest salaries bucause they need it to survive, so they have to accept the worse conditions.

That changes the work no more in an activity done for passion but in an hard duty that make life hard too. Those who can work in the things they like are really lucky and people have to do that is necesary to reach that goal, but also is important to try to build societies when all people have worthy conditions to acomplish their own goals, societies without so big economic differences.

10:18 PM Mar 26 2008 |




We start to work to earn money to live our life but in underdevelloped countries,people forgets their motive & start earning mechanically to collect money as much as they can… In develloped countries the situation may be different…

02:38 AM Mar 27 2008 |




One common reason: I ahve to work becuase I have to living…

on the other hand, work makes us fulfilled…

03:17 AM Mar 27 2008 |



if not working,we couldn't earn money any more so there's nothing to be full of our stomach,we can't live,i think work for food,work for living

05:08 AM Mar 27 2008 |