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Life Talk!

I dont know what thing that is?




                             " LOVE". 

I don't know what thing that is,

I  would like to know what LOVE is,

How it began &  how it begins,

When it begins , how it developts,  

 How it comes to its end,

What result it leaves behind.   

anybody tell  me pleeeeeease…. Smile

11:40 AM Apr 18 2008 |

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C´mon. The examples you take are usual in the news and media. Most of times media sell morbid histories. 

Followers of your religion appears in terrorist acts in the newspapers and not because the media shows us this I will think that everybody will be terrorist or bad people.

I mean, we have a different points of view  about love, but this feeling doesn´t deserve be compared as perversity. 

11:35 PM May 26 2008 |



That´s right bonav!!!

03:37 PM May 27 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

come on please , this kind of topic is very consume here

I become don't like it

01:46 PM Jun 20 2008 |




01:50 PM Jun 20 2008 |

abdou 123

abdou 123


no one can tell we what is love cause it is some thing beyond words u will now it some day i promise u … trust me on that

happy life full with LOVE

02:19 PM Jun 20 2008 |




Just think of how you love yourself and then imagine that the similar feeling you have  for another person.

01:53 PM Jul 04 2008 |



       Love    is the feeling which fills purity and truth in all the relationships.It's natural. It exists from the begining in human nature. It improves by coming closer to each other , having good feelings for eachother . when selfishness involves it becomes unnatural and comes to its end. If it's natural it fills purity and truth in the relationship and if it is unnatural it comes to it worst end and destroys all the relations.

03:25 PM Jul 04 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

it's better to discover love by yourself..you're gonna see it by your eyes..actually it comes without planning..


05:06 PM Jul 04 2008 |

Amr Diab

Amr Diab


Excuse me Ihsiarugstar, as Abdu 123 told you, nobody can describe "Love" as word or feeling, just you can know are you in love or not,just you can know your feelings, and "in my opinion" the person who has 29 friend and most of them are "girls" should know what is love means :-)



05:36 PM Jul 04 2008 |